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Erika Techera

Professor Erika Techera

UWA Law School

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UWA Law School
The University of Western Australia (M253)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 7263
+61 8 6488 1045

Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law, Centre for

Contact details
Centre for Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law
The University of Western Australia (M253)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 7263
+61 8 6488 1045
LLB Technol.Syd., MEnvLaw LLM PhD Macq.
Erika is an international and comparative environmental lawyer with particular emphasis on marine environmental law and the legal protection of cultural heritage relating to the oceans. Her research explores Indo-Pacific maritime issues: marine environmental law, marine protected area governance, migratory species and marine pollution, as well as international law for the conservation and management of wildlife and habitats. Her most recent projects include the intersection of climate change and fisheries law; transnational maritime crime and IUU fishing; rigs-to-reefs law and policy; and intangible marine heritage. She teaches three postgraduate subjects: Oceans Governance, International Environmental Law and Global Heritage Governance. Erika is the author of more than 50 publications including books, chapters and journal articles, and regularly presents public lectures and at academic conferences. She supervises law and non-law research students.
Key research
International environmental law
Marine environmental governance
Intangible heritage law
Comparative environmental law in small island states
Customary and community-based marine management
Global governance of sharks
Over 100 publications and presentations


• Gundula Winter and Erika Techera (eds), Marine Extremes: Ocean Safety, Marine Health and the Blue Economy (Earthscan/Routledge, forthcoming 2018).
• Jade Lindley and Erika Techera, `Using Routine Activity Theory to Explain Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing in the Indo-Pacific' in Saskia Hufnagel and Anton Moiseienko, Criminal Networks and Law Enforcement: Global/International Perspectives on Illicit Enterprise (Routledge, forthcoming 2018)
• Jade Lindley and Erika Techera, ‘Controlling IUU Fishing through Problem-Oriented Policing’ in Saskia Hufnagel and Anton Moiseienko, Policing Transnational Crime: Law Enforcement of Criminal Flows (Routledge, forthcoming 2018)
• Erika J Techera (2018) ‘Supporting blue economy agenda: fisheries, food security and climate change in the Indian Ocean’, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region,


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• John Chandler, David White, Erika J Techera, Susan Gourvenec and Scott Draper, ‘Engineering and legal considerations for decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructure in Australia’, (2017) Ocean Engineering,


• EJ Techera, ‘A review of Marine Protected Area legislation in Australia’ in James Fitzsimons and Geoff Wescott Big, Bold and Blue: lessons from Australia's marine protected areas. CSIRO Publishing 2016.
• L Butterly and EJ Techera, ‘Critical Linkages: Trans-jurisdictional approaches to advancing Indigenous marine governance’ in J Gray, C Holley & R Rayfuse, Transjurisdictional Water Law and Governance. Earthscan, Abingdon, UK, 2016.
• Natalie Skead and Erika Techera, The changing nature of legal education, (2016) BRIEF.


• EJ Techera and J Chandler, ‘Offshore installations, decommissioning and artificial reefs: Do current legal frameworks best serve the marine environment?’ (2015) 59 Marine Policy 53-60
• EJ Techera, ‘Ethics, law and sustainable development: a renewed call for evolution and change’ in Séverine Blaise, Carine David et Victor David (ed) Le dévelopement durable en Océanie. Presses Universitaires de Provence & Presses Universitaires d'Aix-Marseille, 2015.
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• Natalie Klein and EJ Techera ‘Synergies, Solutions and the Way Forward’ in EJ Techera and N Klein (eds), Sharks: Conservation, Governance and Management. Earthscan, UK. 2014.
• EJ Techera, ‘Book Review - Promoting Compliance in an Evolving Climate Regime’. (2014) Journal of Environmental Law 174-175.


• EJ Techera ‘Climate change, legal governance and the Pacific Islands: an overview’ in R S Abate & EA Kronk (Eds) Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples and the Search for Legal Remedies. Edward Elgar, Oxford, UK. 2013.
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• EJ Techera & N Klein, ‘Fragmented Governance: Reconciling legal strategies for shark conservation and management’ (2011) 35(1) Marine Policy 73-78.
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• EJ Techera & S Troniak, Marine Protected Areas Policy and Legislation Gap Analysis: Fiji Islands.IUCN Regional Office for Oceania, Suva, Fiji. 2009.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Erika is a Professor of Law in the UWA Law School. She was formerly the Director of the UWA Oceans Institute and before that Dean of the Faculty of Law. Before becoming an academic Erika practised as a barrister in Sydney for over 7 years. She has also been a company director.
Future research
• Reconceiving marine protected areas
• Comparative environmental law across global SIDS
• Legal protection of traditional hunting rights: a global snapshot
• IUU fishing as a maritime security challenge
• Pirates as the world's first marine naturalists
• Law and conchology
Funding received
• 2017 UWA Research Impact Grant – R Lowe, A Paterson, E Techera & Ors – Strategic outreach activities to promote UWA's expansion of renewable wave energy research in Albany - $19,500
• 2017 UQ-UWA Collaboration Award - E Techera and J Lindley - Enhancing maritime security: Unconventional responses to evolving maritime crimes - $10,000
• 2014 LE14 ARC LIEF Project – E Techera with 21 others - The International Law Library on WorldLII: New content and facilities for the leading repository and citator for international law - $406,505
• 2013-2015 ARC Discovery Project (DP130102861) – N Klein & E Techera - Improving the Global Governance of Sharks: Obstacles, Options and Opportunities $101,000
• 2013 UWA Near Miss Support Grant – E Techera – Enhancing Legal Frameworks in the Indian Ocean - $16,272
• 2011 Macquarie Safety Net Grant - N Klein & E Techera - Legal Regimes for the Conservation and Management of Sharks: Integrating Local, National, Regional and International Strategies - $25,000
• 2011 Legal Scholarship Support Fund (LSSF) - E Techera - Palau’s Shark Sanctuary: Challenges and Opportunities - $3,500
• 2010-2012 Macquarie University Research Development Grant (MQRDG) - E Techera & N Klein - Overcoming Governance Gaps in the Legal Regulation of Shark Eco-Tourism - $34,000
• 2010 Legal Scholarship Support Fund (LSSF) – E Techera - Good Environmental Governance: International law for shark conservation and management - $3,750
• 2009-2010 Macquarie University New Staff Grant (MQNS) - E Techera - Conserving intangible heritage in the South Pacific - $19,000
Industrial relevance
• Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors 2018
• Barrister 1998-2005
• Company Director 1996-2005
Basic French
• Legal Practitioner - Supreme Court of NSW; Western Australia
• Barrister - Supreme Court, NSW, VIC & ACT; Federal & High Court
• International Bar Association
• International Law Association

• Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors
• Women on Boards

• IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law
• IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas
• UNESCO Ethics of Energy Technology Working Group
Honours and awards
• 2016, Academic of the Year, Australian Law Awards
• 2014, Fellow, Australian Academy of Law
• 2006, Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence, Macquarie University, LLM
• 2005, Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence, Macquarie University, M Env Law
Previous positions
2017 Director, Oceans Institute, University of Western Australia
2013-2016 Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Western Australia
2012 - date Professor, UWA Law School, University of Western Australia
2011 Co-Director, Centre for Climate Futures, Macquarie University
2009-2011 Director, Centre for International & Environmental Law, Macquarie University
2007-2011 Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
1998-2005 Barrister, Garfield Barwick Chambers, Sydney
1996-2005 Director, SearchTech Services Pty Limited, Sydney
LAWS5175 Heritage Governance
LAWS5114 International Environmental Law
OCEN4001 Oceans Governance
New and noteworthy
Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) 2018
Current projects
• Environmental law in Mauritius and Seychelles
• Heritage Law in the Indian Ocean: a five island analysis
• Protected area legislation in Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Comoros and Madagascar
• Institutional responses to climate change in the Indian Ocean: a focus on fisheries
• FAO Consultancy: Law, Policy and Governance of Mangroves in Small Island Developing States
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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