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Mrs Glenys Dixon

Research Development Adviser
Health and Medical Sciences: SDC (Office of Research Enterprise)

Contact details
Health and Medical Sciences: SDC (Office of Research Enterprise)
The University of Western Australia (M500)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6457 1305
Refereed Journal Articles

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Research highlight with full citation in: Nature Clinical Practice Neurology May 2006

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Published Reports
Glasson E, Bolton H, Chauvel P, Cohen D, Cook H, Dixon G, Klinken J, McMullin B, Tender J, Wray, J. (2005). WA Register for Autism Spectrum Disorders -2003 Report. Perth, Western Australia.

Glasson E, Bolton H, Chauvel P, Cohen D, Cook H, Dixon G, Klinken J, McMullin B, Tender J, Wray, J. (2006). WA Register for Autism Spectrum Disorders -2004 Report. Perth,
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