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Hakan Basarir

Assoc/Prof Hakan Basarir

Associate Professor
Academic Staff (Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering)

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Academic Staff (Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering)
The University of Western Australia (M051)
35 Stirling Highway
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Hakan received his PhD degree in Mining Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 2002. He worked as a PostDoc research fellow at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. Dr. Basarir has over 17 years of professional experience in research and in teaching. He published 50 papers in national, international journals and meetings and translated a book. His field of research includes rock mechanics, rock mass classification and characterisation systems, determination of rock material and rock mass properties, selection and optimisation of underground support systems, diggability assessment and the use of soft computing methods in mining engineering.
Key research
Rock Mechanics, Rock Diggability, Numerical Modelling, Rock mass characterization, Rock Mass&Material Testing, DAQ Systems, Soft computing methods

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3.1. International Conference Papers

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3.2. National Journal Papers (Selection)

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3.3. National Conference Papers

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Underground Mining I, Underground Mining II, Rock Mechanics
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