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Holly Cullen

Adj/Prof Holly Cullen

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (Law School)

Contact details
Adjunct and Honorary Staff (Law School)
The University of Western Australia (M253)
35 Stirling Highway
DipSocSc Marian. Coll., BCL LLB McG., LLM Essex
Holly Cullen is an Adjunct Professor of Law. She was previously Professor in the Faculty of Law from 2010-16. Before joining the University of Western Australia, she was Reader in Law at Durham University in the United Kingdom, having previously held the posts of lecturer and senior lecturer. From 1998 to 2006, she was Deputy Director of the Durham European Law Institute, and Acting Director in 2003-04. She began her academic career as a lecturer at the University of Hull (UK). She holds the degrees of LLB and BCL from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and an LLM in International Human Rights Law from the University of Essex.
Key research
Main research areas: business and human rights; human trafficking, slavery and child labour; rights of the child
I also have research expertise in broad areas of international human rights, non-state actors in international law and international organisations

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Chapters in Edited Books:

[in press] With Joanna Harrington and Catherine Renshaw, ‘Experts, Networks and International Law’ in Holly Cullen, Joanna Harrington and Catherine Renshaw, editors, Experts, Networks and International Law (Cambridge University Press)

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Articles in Journals:

‘The Irresistible Rise of Human Rights Due Diligence: Conflict Minerals and Beyond’ (2016) 48 George Washington International Law Review pp. 743-780

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500-word entry on 'Economic and Social Rights' for The New Oxford Companion to Law, Cane and Conaghan, general editors (OUP, 2008)
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Associate Dean (Students), 2016
Director of Higher Degrees by Research, 2011-15
Equity and Diversity Advisor, 2011-13
Future research
Holly Cullen, Joanna Harrington and Catherine Renshaw, editors, Experts, Networks and International Law (Cambridge University Press)

Funding received
Professor Andrew Mowbray, Professor Graham Greenleaf, Professor Andrew Byrnes, Prof Erika Techera, Professor Donald Rothwell, Professor Chester Brown, Associate Professor Anthony Cassimatis, Associate Professor Dan Svantesson, Prof Michael Blakeney, Prof Holly Cullen 2014, 'The International Law Library on WorldLII - New Content & Facilities for the Leading Repository & Citator for International Law', University of Technology Sydney ex ARC LIEF.

Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK): £21,620 to support additional term of research leave: ‘Legal Reasoning in Economic and Social Rights Cases’

Arts and Humanities Research Board (UK): £9,000 to support additional term of research leave: ‘The Role of International Law in the Regulation of Child Labour’

British Council Regional Academic Partnerships (REAP) scheme, principal applicant and grant-holder for a £30,000 grant, for development of European Union law teaching at the Economics and Law Faculty, Donetsk National University, Ukraine.
Industrial relevance
Business and Human Rights: I have provided training, via the International for Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC), on the governance processes in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme for Conflict Diamonds, for government and civil society representatives from Africa (2014).

International Law: I have given training lectures for continuing professional development courses offered by the Australian Red Cross, on the issue of the relationship between international humanitarian law and human rights (2016).
International Law Association, Research Committee on Non-State Actors in International Law, 2007-16

Australia and New Zealand Society of International Law
Honours and awards
Joint Faculties Award for Excellence in Research Supervision, 2014
Previous positions
Reader in Law, Durham University, 2003-2010
Jean Monnet Senior Lecturer in European Law, Durham University,1998-2003
Lecturer in Law, Durham University, 1995-1998
Lecturer in Law, University of Hull, 1990-1994
Useful links
International Law Research Hub:

My articles on The Conversation:
Current projects
The nature of the corporate duty to respect human rights and the development of the idea of human rights due diligence, with a particular focus on the dispute resolution process of the OECD

The Politics of International Criminal Law, with Assistant Professor Phillip Kastner and Assistant Professor Sean Richmond
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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