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Jeneva Ohan

Dr Jeneva Ohan

Senior Lecturer
Academic Staff (Psychological Science)

Contact details
Academic Staff (Psychological Science)
The University of Western Australia (M304)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 6928
PhD Br.Col.
I completed my MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, specialising in child clinical psychology. I completed my residency in the General Child Track of the University of Washington's Medical School in Seattle, WA, USA.
I am a Registered Psychologist in Australia.
Key research
As they grow, children and youth face a range of emotional and social challenges. Psychologist and allied health professionals have developed a number of effective therapies to help them, but whether or not these are useful depends on the child or youth getting to services. Only a fraction of children in need get these services. Understanding why some children do – and do not – receive services for their child will help us to better engage children, youth, and families in therapy in the future.
I am interested in understanding child and youth mental health and parenting, such as:
...the range of mental health and social challenges that children can experience and how they come to develop these challenges, children get to therapy (and especially the barriers that they face),
...parents’ perspectives and experiences in how they support their children, and
...stigma that parents and children with mental health problems face, and how they cope with this stigma.
Selected List of Journal Articles:
Bell, M.F., Bayliss, D.M., Glauert, R., & Ohan, J. (2018). Children of parents with psychiatric disorders are at risk of poor school readiness. Epidemiology & Psychiatric Sciences, in press.
Bell, M.F., Bayliss, D.M., Glauert, R., & Ohan, J. (2018). Using linked data to investigate developmental vulnerabilities in children of convicted parents. Developmental Psychology, in press.
Bell, M.F., Bayliss, D.M., Glauert, R., & Ohan, J. (2018). School readiness of maltreated children: Associations of timing, type and chronicity of maltreatment. Child Abuse & Neglect, 76.
Seward, R., Bayliss, D., Stallman, H., Ohan, J. L (2017). Psychometric Properties and Norms for the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Administered Online in an Australian Sample, Australian Psychologist.
Derry, K., Ohan, J., Bayliss, D. (2017). Toward Understanding and Measuring Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism Within Trait Personality Models. European Journal of Psychological Assessment.
Eaton, K., Ohan, J.L., Stritzke, W., Courtauld, H., Corrigan, P.W. (2017). Mothers' decisions to disclose or conceal their child's mental health disorder, Qualitative Health Research, 27, 11, pp. 1628-1639.
Stallman, H., Ohan, J., Chiera, B. (2017). The Role of Social Support, Being Present, and Self-kindness in University Student Psychological Distress. Australian Psychologist.
Stallman, H. M., & Ohan, J. L. (2016). Parenting style, parental adjustment, and co-parental conflict: Differential predictors of child psychosocial adjustment following divorce. Behavior Change, 33.
Eaton, K., Ohan, J. L., Stritzke, W. G. K., & Corrigan, P. W. (in press). Failing to meet the good parent ideal: Self-stigma in parents of children with mental health disorders. Journal of Family and Child Studies.
Bell, M. F., Bayliss, D. M., Glauert, R., Harrison, A., & Ohan, J. L. (2016). Chronic Illness and Developmental Vulnerability at School Entry. Pediatrics, 137(5), e20152475.
Ohan, J. L., Seward, R., Bayliss, D. M., Stallman, H. M., & Sanders, M. R. (2015). Parents’ barriers to using school psychology services for their child’s mental health problems. School Mental Health, 7, 287-297.
Ohan, J. L., Ellefson, S., & Corrigan, P. W. (2015). The impact of Asperger’s and Autistic spectrum disorder labels on stigma and treatment attitudes: Testing the new DSM5 labels. Journal of Autism and Development Disorders, 45, 3384-3389.
MacMillan, K. K., Ohan, J., Cherian, S., & Mutch, R. C. (2015). Refugee children's play: Before and after migration to Australia. Journal of paediatrics and child health.
Ohan, J. L., Visser, T. A. W., Moss, R. G., Howlett, A., & Allen, N. B. (2013). Parents’ stigmas of children with symptoms versus diagnoses of ADHD and depression. Psychiatric Services.
Visser, T. A. W., Ohan, J. L., Whittle, S., Yücel, M., Simmons, J. G., & Allen, N. B. (2013). Sex differences in structural brain asymmetry predict overt aggression in adolescents. Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.
Sciberras, E., Ohan, J., & Anderson, V. (2012). "Bullying and peer victimisation in adolescent girls with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder." Child Psychiatry & Human Development 43, 254-270.
Ohan, J. L., & Johnston, C. (2011). Positive Illusions of Social Competence in girls with and without ADHD. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 39, 527-539.
Ohan, J. L., Visser, T. A. W., Strain, M.C., & Allen, L. (2011). Teachers’ and education students’ perceptions of and reactions toward children with and without the diagnostic label “ADHD.” Journal of School Psychology, 49, 81-105.
Ohan, J. L., & Visser, T. A. W. (2009). Why is there a gender gap in children presenting for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder services? Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 38, 650-660.

Book Chapters:
Ohan, J. L. (2018). Stigma. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intellectual and Developmental Disoders. Braaten, E. (Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publishers.
Roles, responsibilities and expertise
2015: Consulting Editor for Stigma and Health (published by the American Psychological Association).
Funding received
I hold an Australian Rotary Health Award (2017-2018). This funding is to conduct a project to test if the ways that we describe therapy for children's behaviour problems can facilitate whether or not parents access the therapy, and if it they continue in therapy.
Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, full member
Honours and awards
Honorary Research Fellow, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, AUS
Affiliate Fellow with the National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment, USA
Introduction to Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Disorders (PostGrad, Clinical)
Advanced Paediatrics 2 (PostGrad, Clinical)
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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