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Sam Baron

Dr Sam Baron


Contact details
The University of Western Australia (M204)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2145
BA PhD Syd.
Sam Baron is a lecturer in the philosophy department at the University of Western Australia. He completed his PhD at the University of Sydney, in the Centre for Time. His research focuses on the nature of time, the nature of mathematics and the nature of philosophy itself. He has published widely in Journal of Philosophy, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosopher’s Imprint, Philosophical Studies, Philosophical Quarterly and the Conversation. His undergraduate courses focus on teaching core life skills including: how to defeat your enemies with argument, how to communicate with scientists and how to travel through time.
Key research
Philosophy of time, philosophy of mathematics, metaphilosophy

(In Press) "Do Not Revise Ockham's Razor Without Necessity" (with Jonathan Tallant) in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

(2017) "Feel the Flow" in Synthese 194(2): 609-630

(2017) "How Mathematics Can Make a Difference" (with Mark Colyvan and David Ripley) in Philosopher's Imprint 17(3): 1-29

(2016) "Metaphysics as Fairness" Synthese 193(7): 2237-2259.

(2016) "Monism: the Islands of Plurality" (with Jonathan Tallant) in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 93(3): 583–606.

(2016) "Time Enough for Explanation" (with Mark Colyvan) in Journal of Philosophy 113 (2): 61-88.

(2016) "Explaining Mathematical Explanation" in Philosophical Quarterly 66(264): 458-480.

(2015) "Mathematical Explanation and Epistemology: Please Mind the Gap" in Ratio 29(2): 149-167.

(2015) "Back to the Unchanging Past" in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 98(1): 129-147.

(2015) "Tensed Truthmaker Theory" in Erkenntnis 80(5): 923-944.

(2015) "Temporal Experience, Temporal Passage and the Cognitive Sciences" (with John Cusbert, Matt Farr and Kristie Miller) in Philosophy Compass 10(8): 560–571.

(2015) "Female under-representation among philosophy majors: A map of the hypotheses and a survey of the evidence" (with Tom Dougherty (principal author) and Kristie Miller) in Feminist Philosophy Quarterly 1(1).

(2015) "Why is there female under-representation among philosophy majors? Evidence of pre-university effects" (with Tom Dougherty and Kristie Miller) in Ergo, 2(14).

(2015) "Why Do Female Students Leave Philosophy? The Story From Sydney" (with Tom Dougherty (principal author) and Kristie Miller) in Hypatia 30(2): 467–474.

(2015) "A Bump on the Road to Presentism" in American Philosophical Quarterly 52(4): 345-356.

(2015) "Causation sans Time” (with Kristie Miller) in American Philosophical Quarterly 52(1): 27-40.

(2015) "What is Temporal Error Theory?" (with Kristie Miller) in Philosophical Studies 172(2): 2427–2444.

(2014) "The Explanatory Dispensability of Idealizations" in Synthese 193(2): 365–386.

(2014) "The Priority of the Now” in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 96(3): 325-348.

(2014) "Causation in a Timeless World" (with Kristie Miller) in Synthese 191(12): 2867-2886.

(2014) "Optimisation and Mathematical Explanation: Doing the Lévy Walk” in Synthese 191(3): 459-479.

(2014) "The Hard Road to Presentism" (with Jamin Asay) in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 95(3): 261-420.

(2014) "Can Indispensability-Driven Platonists Be (Serious) Presentists?" in Theoria 80(2): 153-173.

(2014) "Animal Interrupted or Why Taking Pascal's Wager Might be the Last Thing You Ever Do" (with Christina van Dyke) in Southern Journal of Philosophy: Spindel Supplement 52: 109-133.

(2014) "Groundless Truth" (with James Norton and Kristie Miller) in Inquiry (special issue on grounding) 57(2): 175-195.

(2013) "Tensed Supervenience: a No-Go for Presentism" Southern Journal of Philosophy 51(3): 383-401.

(2013) "A Truthmaker Indispensability Argument" in Synthese 190(12): 2413-2427.

(2013) "Talking About the Past" in Erkenntnis 78(3): 547-560.

(2013) "Unstable Truthmaking" (with Jamin Asay) in Thought 1(3): 230--238.

(2013) "Presentism, Truth and Supervenience" in Ratio 26(1): 3-18.

(2013) "What is a Negative Property?" (with Richard Coltheart, Raamy Majeed and Kristie Miller) in Philosophy 88(1): 55-79.

(2012) "Presentism and Causation Revisited" in Philosophical Papers 41(1): 1-21.

(2010) "From Timeless Physical Theory to Timelessness" (with Peter Evans and Kristie Miller) in Humana Mente 13: 32-60. Translated into French and reprinted as ``De la Theorie Physique Intemporelle al'Intemporalite, in Tenps (3), 2014.


(2015) "Et Tu, Brute?" in The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophical Methods, Daly, C. (ed.) (Palgrave-Macmillan)

(2015) "Our Concept of Time" (with Kristie Miller) in Philosophy and Psychology of Time, Molder, B., Arstila, V., & Ohrstro m, P. (eds.) (Springer)

(2013) "Characterising Eternalism" (with Kristie Miller) in New Papers on the Present, Torrengo, G., Miller, K. & Ciuini, R. (eds.) (Philosophia Verlag)
Australasian Association of Philosophy
Centre for Time at the University of Sydney
Honours and awards
Vice Chancellor's Award for Early Career Researchers (UWA), 2016.

Faculty of Arts Teaching and Service Award for Teaching Excellence, Early Career (UWA), 2015.

Vice Chancellor's Award for Early Career Researchers (UWA), 2014.

Lucy Firth Publication Prize in Philosophy for: "A Truthmaker Indispensability Argument" (Sydney), 2011.

Lucy Firth Publication Prize in Philosophy for: "Presentism and Causation Revisited”(Sydney), 2011.

Lucy Firth Publication Prize in Philosophy for: “From Timeless Physical Theory to Timelessness” (Sydney), 2010.

Lucy Firth Scholarship in Philosophy (Sydney), 2008.

Andrew Donald Campbell Memorial Prize for Best Essay in Metaphysics (Sydney), 2008

Australian Postgraduate Award (Sydney) 2008.

Julius Kovesi Memorial Prize for Honours in Philosophy (UWA) 2007.
Previous positions
University of Sydney (2013-2015) Postdoctoral Fellowship.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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