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Theodore Bennett

Dr Theodore Bennett

UWA Law School

Contact details
UWA Law School
The University of Western Australia (M253)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2619
+61 8 6488 1045
BA LLB PhD W.Aust.
Theodore has completed a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Philosophy), a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours, and a Doctorate of Philosophy. He joined the UWA Faculty of Law full-time in 2013.
Key research
Theodore's research is primarily concerned with the ways in which sociolegal systems conceptualise and regulate human bodies and identities. He is particularly interested in the ways in which these systems frame and position bodies, bodily activities and identities within broader models of understanding, and how marginal or subcultural bodies/identities are inequitably impacted by regulation and social attitudes. He has researched and written on a number of issues around this, in relation to topics such as sadomasochism, healthy limb amputation, cosmetic surgery and sex and gender diversity.

•Theodore Bennett, Cuts and Criminality: Body Alteration in Legal Discourse (Ashgate Publishing, 2015).

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Tortured Genius: The Legality of Injurious Performance Art' (2017) 42(1) Alternative Law Journal 24-28.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Not so Straight-Talking: How Defamation Law Should Treat Imputations of Homosexuality' (2016) 35(2) University of Queensland Law Journal 313-330.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Orientations and 'Deviations': Sexuality in Anti-Discrimination Law' (2016) 42(1) Monash University Law Review 15-40.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Response: Sex/Gender Diversity and the Limitations of Legal Identification' (2015) 1 UniSA Student Law Review 192-195.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Persecution or Play? Law and the Ethical Significance of Sadomasochism' (2015) 24(1) Social & Legal Studies 89-112.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘No Man's Land: Non-Binary Sex Identification in Australian Law and Policy' (2014) 37(3) UNSW Law Journal 847-873.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Transsexualism and the Consideration of Social Factors in Sex Identification Law’ (2013) 34(2) Adelaide Law Review 379-402.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Sadomasochism Under the Human Rights (Sexual Conduct) Act 1994' (2013) 35(3) Sydney Law Review 541-564.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Just Plain Dirt and Nothing Else: Sexually Explicit Films and Australian Classification Law’ (2013) 38(2) Alternative Law Journal 87-91.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘A Polyvocal (Re)Modelling of the Jurisprudence of Sadomasochism’ (2012) 36(1) University of Western Australia Law Review 199-221.

• Theodore Bennett, ‘Beauty and the Beast: Analogising Between Cosmetic Surgery and Female Genital Mutilation’ (2012) 14(1) Flinders Law Journal 49-68.

•Theodore Bennett, ‘It’s But a Flesh Wound: Criminal Law and the Conceptualisation of Healthy Limb Amputation’ (2011) 36(3) Alternative Law Journal 158-162.

Conference Presentations-

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Innovative In-Corporation: Bioart, Technology and the Boundaries of the Legal Body’ (Paper presented at the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts 'Neolife' Conference, University of Western Australia, 2 October 2015).

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Sex, Violence or Something Else?: (Re)Interpellating Sadomasochism in Legal Discourse’ (Paper presented at the Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia Conference, Australian National University, 6 December 2013).

• Theodore Bennett, ‘Flogging a Dead Author: Sadomasochism, Textuality and the Limitations on Reading Juridically’ (Paper presented at the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy Pre-Conference Workshop, University of Queensland, 29 July 2011).

•Theodore Bennett, ‘Talking Dirty: Legal Discourse, Sadomasochism and the Monopolisation of Meaning’ (Paper presented at the Somatechnics Research Centre Conference, Sydney, 20 November 2009).
Honours and awards
Baillieu Research Scholarship (2009-2012).
Theodore is the unit coordinator for Law in Action and Law and Contemporary Social Issues. He has previously taught in Law, Conflict and Change, Legal Systems, Introduction to Laws, Contract Law and Evidence Law.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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