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Thomas Wilson

Dr Thomas Wilson

Honorary Research Fellow
English and Cultural Studies

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English and Cultural Studies
The University of Western Australia (M202)
35 Stirling Highway
Personal homepage
My research has mainly focussed on the ways in which we represent the natural world in literature and in human culture more broadly. After completing an arts degree majoring in English and Philosophy at the ANU in 1999, I completed a PhD at UWA (2005) in the field of ecocriticism. The Recurrent Green Universe of John Fowles (Rodopi, 2006) was an intellectual history of a post-war English novelist, essayist and poet, and placed his work with the broader history of modern nature writing. After this project I began to focus on environmental history, particularly that of my home, south-western Australia. With my background examining the history of North American and British nature writing and environmental philosophy, I produced a unique, culturally-inflected, one-volume environmental history of WA (Stepping Off: Rewilding and Belonging in the South West, Fremantle Press).
Key research
Environmental history
Literature and science
Literature and health
Creative nonfiction

The Recurrent Green Universe of John Fowles, New York: Rodopi, 2006.

Stepping Off: Rewilding and belonging in the South-West, Fremantle Press, 2017.

Articles published

‘Paying a Visit to the Fowles’, Marginata, 1, (2003), 7-8.
‘Daniel Martin as post-pastoral’, Organization and Environment, 18:4 (2005), 477-88.
‘From humanist intuitions to scientific underpinnings: What is Art For?’, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia, ‘What is Art For?’ (2005).
‘The Writer Who Gave Up on Names’, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment: ISLE, 15.1 (2008).
‘Finding Place in Fierce Australian Space’, Visual Arts, vol.4, no.23, February-March (2008).
‘Introduction to the Post-Pastoral in Australian Poetry‘, Journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language, CREATEC, Edith Cown University, Vol. 3. Issue 1, Autumn (2009).

Book Chapters

‘A Green Reading of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings’, a chapter in How We Became Middle Earth, Walking Tree Publishers, 2007.
Book Reviews

Review of The Littoral Zone: Australian Contexts and their Writers Edited by C. A. Cranston and Robert Zeller (New York: Rodopi, 2007), in Organization and Environment, forthcoming in 2008.
Review of A Landscape for Learning by George Seddon and Gillian Lilleyman (UWA Press, 2006), in Studies in Western Australian History, Crawley: The Centre for Western Australian History, forthcoming in 2008.
Review of The Earth Only Endures: On Reconnecting with Nature and Our Place in It by Jules Pretty (London: Earthscan, 2007), in Organization and Environment, forthcoming in 2008.

Conference papers presented

‘John Fowles’ engagement with Darwin.’ Society for Literature and Science (SLS), European branch, biennial conference. Paris. 18-23 June, 2004.
‘The Epistemological Weight of Loving Nature in John Fowles’ Daniel Martin’. Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, UK, (ASLE – UK), biennial conference on ‘Literature and Science’. Chichester. 16-18 July, 2004.
‘Daniel Martin as post-pastoral’, Work in Progress Seminar, English, University of Western Australia. 10 September, 2004.
‘My experiences of theoretical accounts of literature: From humanist intuitions to scientific underpinnings.’, What is Art For?; A conference convened by Ellen Dissanayake, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia, 16 February, 2005.
‘Species-Centric Ecocriticism for Change: What shoud we make of the popularity of pastoral in the urban twenty-first century?’, First Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment – Australia/ New Zealand, Monash University, 31 March – 1 April, 2005.
‘What Sanctuary in Australia?: Post-Pastoral in the Literary Writings of John Kinsella, Barbara York Main, Judith Wright and Les Murray.’ Engaging with Nature and Understanding the Environment: A University of Western Australia Institute for Advanced Studies Masterclass convened by Dr Robert Lambert, Environmental Historian (University of Nottingham), 29 August, 2006.
Current projects
I'm currently at work on a one volume cultural history of personal rewilding, looking at cultural representations of human movement, work and inhabitation of urban and wilderness environments across several thousand years of Western history. My work increasingly falls within the area of literature and science, and creative nonfiction.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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