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Paul Greenwood

Dr Paul Greenwood

Senior Research Fellow
Exploration Targeting, Centre for (CET)

Contact details
Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)
The University of Western Australia (M090)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2520
+61 8 6488 1001
BSc Melb., PhD NSW
Paul Greenwood is an environmental and organic geochemist. He studies the molecular distributions and compound specific stable isotopic values of organic matter in geological sediments, soils and water. Paul has been at UWA since 2006, and commenced affiliation with CET in 2011 through the CSIRO Flagship Cluster Organic-Inorganic Interactions in Mineral Systems. In one perspective this represents a back-to-the-future experience for Paul as he enjoyed 8 years employment with CSIRO-Petroleum through the 90’s. An initial CSIRO fellowship supported separate postdoctoral stints at Pennsylvania State University (USA) and Warwick University (UK). Paul has also held research positions at Geoscience Australia and Curtin University. He received his PhD from UNSW (1993), where he studied coal characterisation and the generation of fullerenes from coal using laser mass spectrometry.
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Organic Geochemistry In press.
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Environmental Microbiology 16, 2458-2474.
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(2013) E. L. Plant, R. Smernik, P. Greenwood, L. M Macdonald, J. van Leeuwen. The Organic Chemistry of Plant Residues: Comparison of NMR and Pyrolysis Data Using Multivariate Statistical Approaches. Current Organic Chemistry 17, 3006-3012.

(2012) Hong Lu, Paul Greenwood, Tengshui Chen, Jinzhong Liu, Ping’an Peng. A laboratory study of H2S productionfrom the thermal reaction of hydrocarbons with magnesium sulfate and sulfur: Implications for thermal sulfate reduction. Applied Geochemistry,27, 96-105.
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Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Paul Greenwood is an environmental and organic geochemist. He studies the molecular distributions and compound specific stable isotopic values of organic matter in geological sediments, petroleum soils and water. I have quite broad organic analytical interests, including for instance forensic analysis.
Funding received
2013 Grice, Charrois, Woltering, Blythe, Bush, Sullivan, Greenwood, Murphy, Skrzypek, Trengrove LE130100145 ($150K) Three dimensional analysis of important organic components in Energy, Environmental and Earth Systems.
2012 (2012-14) Grierson, Skrzypek, Turney, Greenwood, Cook, Dogramaci, ARC Linkage-LP120100310($330K) Climate-related regime shifts in inland semi-arid ecosystems through ecohydrological proxies.
2012 Grice, Oliver, Charrois, Greenwood, Linge, Flematti, Tan, Dodson, ARC Infrastructure/Equipment - LE120100077 ($150K) Automated preparative gas chromatograph for isolating unique and important organic components for structural identification
2011 (2011-2014) Grice, Evans, Gale, Rasmussen, McCuaig, Greenwood, McCulloch, Brocks, Moreau, CSIRO Cluster – Minerals Downunder Flagship ($3,000K) Organic-Inorganic Interactions in Mineral Systems.
2010 Grice, Greenwood (PI’s: Summons, Snape) ARC Discovery –DP1096729 ($450K) Linking Biolipids and Pigments to Ancient Biomolecules using Innovative Laser and Hydro Pyrolysis and Compound Specific Stable Isotope Techniques
2010 Grice, Murphy, Greenwood, Heitz, Grierson, Busetti, Wacey, Gleeson, ARC Infrastructure/Equipment - LE100100127 ($300K) High resolution LC-MSn (Orbitrap Discovery) for analyses of functionalised biolipids, alternative petroleum reserves and organic contaminants in reclaimed water.
2009(09-12) Bush, Sullivan, Grice, Burton, Appleyard, Greenwood, Fischer.ARC Linkage - LP0991658. ($624K) Sulfidic-rich black ooze in eutrophic estuarine environments: Its formation and environmental hazard.
2008 Grice, Grierson, Greenwood, Brocks, Zhang, Heitz. ARC Infrastructure/Equipment - LE0882836. ($160K) A novel isotope facility to characterise high molecular weight fractions of natural organic matter.
2008 Greenwood. John De Laeter Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme ($175K) Laser micropyrolysis: molecular and stable isotopic organic analysis at the microscopic level
2007 Greenwood, Watling, Grice, Tibbett, Grierson, Kagi, van Aarssen, Heitz. (PI: Boreham) – ARC Infrastructure/Equipment - LE0775650. ($170K) Advanced multi-purpose analytical pyrolysis facility.
2006 Grice, Greenwood(PI’s: Summons, Franzmann)ARC Discovery - DP0662839 ($338K) New molecular and isotopic biomarker approaches to establishing source, palaeoclimate, facies and thermal history of sedimentary organic matter.
2006 Kagi, Alexander, Grice, Brocks, Ghisalberti, Trengove, Vernon, Heitz, Greenwood, Joll, Warton, Busetti. ARC Infrastructure/Equipment - LE0668452 ($290K) A research grade liquid chromatograph - mass spectrometer for quantitative analysis of trace organic analytes in complex matrices.
2005GreenwoodCurtin Strategic Grant ($10K) The composition of unique highly branched C3n alkanes in Cretaceous sediments (Qld) and surface and ground water of the Clare valley (SA).
2005Greenwood, Joll, Grice, Kagi, Chow, Eaglesham, Wade, Gray, Walker.CRC-WQT Project ($673K) Advanced characterisation of natural organic matter (NOM) in Australian water supplies.
2005 Grice, Dodson, Greenwood. ARC Infrastructure/Equipment LE0560734 ($110K) Accelerated solvent extractor and evaporator for molecular and stable isotope analyses of sedimentary organic matter.
2005 Kagi, Weinstein, Grice, Heitz, Joll, Greenwood, Trengove, Hinz, McKinley ARC Infrastructure/Equipment - LE0561166 ($194K) Facility for analysis of organic micropollutants in natural, recreational, and potable water systems.
Australian Water Association
Royal Australian Chemical Institute.
Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectrometry
European Association of Organic Geochemists.
Previous positions
2003-2006 CRCWQT/Curtin
2000-2003 Geoscience Australia
1992-2000 CSIRO-Petroleum
EART2235 - Introduction to Organic Geochemistry
Short course - Petroleum Geochemistry
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