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Pauline Grierson

Dr Pauline Grierson

West Australian Biogeochemistry Centre

Contact details
West Australian Biogeochemistry Centre
The University of Western Australia (M090)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 7926
+61 8 6488 1001
BSc PhD Melb.
Key research
* Ecohydrological linkages & ecological water requirements in arid systems;
* Fire ecology - spatial patterning and links with key ecological processes;
* Stable isotopes in ecology and ecohydrology;
* Dendrochronology & dendroclimatology of Callitris and other Australian species
* Ecophysiology of arid zone shrubs and trees
* Riparian zone biogeochemistry & functioning
* Aquatic ecology & limnology
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Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Pauline is Director of the WA Biogeochemistry Centre, and leads the Ecosystems Research Group at UWA. She has extensive experience in the application of stable isotope methods (C, N, H and O) to examining ecosystem processes, particularly in assessing ecological water requirements of semi-arid ecosystems.
Funding received
2017-19 Annual rainfall variability and extreme drought over the late Holocene. Grierson, Cook, Skrzypek. ARC- DP170101033. 485K

2017 A multi-institutional environmental radioactivity research centre. Masque, Lavery, McInnes, Grierson, McCulloch et al. ARC-LE170100219. 170K Ex Edith Cowen University

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2016. Distribution of Triodia cytotype within Roy Hill seed collection zones, east Pilbara. Grierson, Barrett. Roy Hill. 35K.

2016. Recruitment dynamics of Tecticornia on the Fortescue Marsh in relation to flood regimes. Grierson, O'Donnell, Colmer. Pilbara Corridors (WA Rangelands NRM). 9K

2015 Isotope analyser with delta17O capability to examine water fluxes. Skrzypek, Grierson, Edwards, McCulloch, Grice ARC-LE150100139. 160K.

2013-14 Phase 2: Assessment of vegetation water use of upland and lowland communities associated with the Fortescue Marsh using isotopic tracers. Grierson, Page, Skrzypek. Fortescue Metals Group Ltd. 40K

2013 Dating of sediments to aid in reconstruction of hydroclimatic variability in northwest Australia. AINSE Research Award. 13K

2013 Ultra-trace analytical facility for earth system change. Edwards, Goodwin, Tessalina, Grierson, Nelson, McCulloch. ARC-LE130100029. 280 K. Ex Curtin University

2013-2015 Reconstructing changes in atmospheric circulation over the mid-latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere during the past 3000 years. Turney, Meissner, Grierson. ARC-DP130104156. 470K Ex UNSW

2012-2015. Ecological responses of native fishes to extreme flow variability in arid Australia. Grierson, Collin, Davies, Kelley. ARC Linkage LP120200002. Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton Iron Ore. 400K

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2011 LTER Monitoring of Themeda grasslands. Grierson. Rio Tinto. 30K.

2010A high-resolution isotope facility for low cost analysis of water, plant, and soil/sediment samples to understand environmental change. Grierson, Kendrick, Skyrzpek, Fellman, Bowman, Grice, Waite, Stock, Froend, Lavery. ARC LIEF $100K

2010 High resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (Orbitrap) for analysis of polar compounds in biomass, petroleum, potable and reclaimed water. Grice K, Murphy, Greenwood, Heitz, Grierson, Busetti, Wacey, Gleeson. ARC LIEF $300K

2008-10Ecological water requirements of the Yule River.Water Corporation and WA Dept of water. Grierson, Adams, Pfautsch, McLean, Braimbridge, Bellhouse, Jones. Water Corporation $110K

2007-09Productivity of the southern jarrah forest in relation to fire. Australian Greenhouse Office, Grierson, Boer, Pekin, Macfarlane. $30K

2008-10Fire management of complex rehabilitated forests – quantifying and understanding spatial variability of forest structure and fuels. ARC-Linkage, Worsley Alumina, DEC. Grierson, Macfarlane, Boer, Sadler, Vlahos, McCaw.$645K

2007-10Using tree-rings of an Australian conifer as a bio-indicator of decadal-scale environmental change. CERF – Dept of Environment, Water, Heritage & Arts. Prof David Bowman (UTas) Grierson, Hua (ANSTO), Dodson (ANSTO), McCaw (DEC), Lynda Prior (Charles Darwin Univ.)$799K

2007-9Impacts of environmental change on organic matter and nutrient dynamics in near - coast catchments. CSIRO Flagship Collaborative Research Fund. Grierson, Petrone, Barron (CSIRO Land & Water).$109K

2008-2011Dynamics of woody vegetation and water in the central Pilbara – understanding and managing for environmental change. ARC-Linkage, Rio Tinto Iron Ore & BHP-Billiton Iron Ore. Grierson, Adams (USyd), Madden, White, Van Leeuwen.$1.8M

2007-9John de Laeter Research Fellow in Isotope Biogeochemistry. John de Laeter Centre for Mass Spectrometry. GriersonMcNaughton, McWilliams.$300K

2007-8Host-truffle relationships – dependency on host tree roots. Hazel Hill/Manjimup Wine & Truffle Company. Grierson, Bougoure, Malajczuk, Eslick.$59K

2007A novel isotope facility to characterise high-molecular-weight fractions of natural organic matter in soils, sediments, water, petroleum and coal. ARC-LIEF. Grice, Grierson, Greenwood, Brocks, Zhang, Heitz. $280K

2006-7Hydraulic conductivity and functional redundancy in woody shrubs. Andrew Mellon Foundation/CSU. Grierson, Schenk (California State University Fullerton). $25K

2006Stable isotope facility for biological, ecological, and geological applications - West Aust Biogeochemistry Centre.ARC-LIEF. Grierson, McNaughton, Murphy, Greenwood, Walker, Kendrick, Roberts, Grice. $614K

2006Laser pyrolysis system with GC-MS.ARC-LIEF. Greenwood, Grice, Watling, Grierson. $350K

2002-6Ecological sustainability and changing land use in the Pilbara. ARC-Linkage, Pilbara Iron Pty Ltd. Grierson, Adams. $750K

2003-9Multi-scale analysis of patterns in ecological processes in relation to fire regimesBushfire CRC. Grierson, Boer. $750K

2004-7The role of mycorrhizal fungi in nutrient supply and habitat specificity of the rare underground orchid (Rhizanthella gardneri).ARC-Linkage, DEC Grierson, Brundrett, Brown(DEC), Sivasithamparam.$140K

2006-8Dendroclimatology studies of Callitris. Hermon Slade Foundation. Cullen, Grierson.$120K

2005-7Understanding coastal biodiversity: the impact of marine production subsidies upon arid coastal environments. ARC Discovery.Walker, Duarte, Grierson, Robertson.$220K

2005-8Mulga ecology in the Pilbara. Pilbara Iron Pty Ltd. Grierson, Page, Cullen. $250K

2005State-of-the-art solid state nuclear magnetic resonance ARC-LIEF Berners-Price, Raston, Baker, Koutsantonis et al. $434K
Industrial relevance
* Ecological water requirements
* Groundwater and surface water management in arid landscapes
* Fire ecology & management
* Risk management around extreme events (cyclones, floods, drought)
* Ecological Society of Australia
* Australian Society for Limnology
* American Geophysical Union
* Ecological Society of America
* European Geophysical Union
* International Tree-Ring Society
PLNT3306 Australian Vegetation (coordinator)
ENVT5512 Ecosystem Biogeochemistry (coordinator)
PLNT4511 Plant Biology Research Project Development(coordinator)
PLNT4512 Plant Biology Research Presentation (coordinator)

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AINSE Councillor
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Current projects
• Ecological water requirements in the Pilbara

• Ecosystem biogeochemistry of the Swan-Canning catchment

• Dendroclimatology of Australia using Callitris - reconstructing rainfall patterns

• Fire ecology and fire behaviour
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