A just and cultured world

Cultural research enhances our understanding of, and provides new frameworks for, the analysis of humanity and its history, ideas, cultures, languages and social structures. It is also particularly important to developing interdisciplinary solutions to complex challenges such as climate change, resource management, health and welfare.

We have a vision for a just and cultured world, driven by innovative and challenging research. We are looking for motivated individuals to join us and look at changes in global economic power, industry and technological convergence, a changing future workforce, resource scarcity, increased urbanisation and a changing health economy, to name a few.

Some projects our teams at UWA are working on include exploring the Dampier Archipelago for evidence of Australia’s earliest settlers, the history of emotions and effects of European history on today’s society and much more.

Some of the areas which may form part of this recruitment area include:

  • African Development
  • Ageing, health and society (Centre for Lifelong Health)
  • Anthropology and Health/Wellbeing and Big Data
  • Artist in Residence
  • Asian Economies
  • Australia's Engagement with Asia and China
  • Business: Health
  • Climate change finance
  • Cultural evolution
  • Digital Humanities
  • Digital Media and Creative Practice
  • Disability (incl. dentistry; NDIS)
  • Drugs, smoking, nutrition, obesity and health 

  • Economics/Developmental Economist
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Environment, water, cities and health 

  • Environmental Anthropology
  • Ethnomusicology (Aboriginal Music)
  • Health economics
  • Health services and society
  • Healthy communities in a globalised world
  • Indigenous Peoples and Justice
  • International Accounting
  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  • Migration, Indian Ocean Studies
  • Mobilities
  • Music Technology
  • Natural Resources Law and Governance
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Political Philosophy/Ethics
  • Population Studies and Global Health 

  • Prediction and prevention
  • Professional and Applied Ethics
  • Public Policy/Economics
  • Research Engagement and Impact
  • Research in Teaching Innovation
  • Resilience: Youth Suicide, Student Resilience
  • Science Engagement
  • Science Pedagogy
  • Social Justice
  • Society and mental health
  • Solastalgia, Melancholia and Hope
  • Strategic Management
  • Taxation

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