Unearthing new ways to mine data

Professor Eun-Jung Holden is developing groundbreaking analytics tools that are making an impact in the resources industry.

When Professor Eun-Jung Holden came to The University of Western Australia in 1985 as an international student from Korea, she never imagined she’d become a world-renowned data scientist working with global resources companies. After completing an undergraduate degree and PhD in computer science, she made the transition to geoscience and now leads the Geodata Algorithms Team within the Centre for Exploration Targeting at The University of Western Australia.

A formidable team

To stay at the forefront of the geoscience industry, Professor Holden has built up a formidable research team within the School of Earth Sciences that has expertise across a diverse range of fields, including computer science, engineering and applied mathematics.

My research team is fully integrated into the geoscience environment with cross-disciplinary expertise that can work across mining industry data science.

As a result of her team’s incredible success, they are sought out by industry and academic and government geoscientists to resolve complex challenges in data analysis.

Developing software

With a passion for applied research, Professor Holden is focused on discovering new data analytics methodologies that can be developed into practical tools for the resources industry. The groundbreaking work of her research team has already resulted in the commercialisation of three software products, that are widely used by companies, government agencies and consultancies around the world.

“We have a very strong support network for the dissemination of our research outcomes through commercialisation and industry contracts.”

Culture of collaboration

Professor Holden believes that the main reason her career has flourished at The University of Western Australia is because she has access to a high level of knowledge and support across a variety of disciplines, which helps facilitate collaboration and student training.

“The University of Western Australia is a great place to conduct your research. There’s a culture of collaboration and you can make a significant impact outside academia.”

Data for the future

Not one to rest on her laurels, Professor Holden is always looking for new ways to help resources companies improve their data analysis through automation. She works closely with the end users in the industry to gain valuable insights into the future direction her data science research needs to take.

“My team’s research is an important area at this point and for the future because of the financial constraints that companies are facing.”