The University of Western Australia

Criteria for selecting overseas institutions

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Selection Criteria

1. In general, institutions with which the University or any of its Faculties enters an agreement should be selected on the grounds that they are likely to further the University's teaching and/or research mission.

2. Linkages should normally  be established onlywith accredited institutions which have an international reputation in teaching and research which is at least equal to that of UWA.

3. Agreements involving student exchange should be established only where:

a. Some degree of compatibility between the teaching programs offered by the two institutions has been established such that UWA students can continue their studies at the host institution without disruption to their academic goals and/or they provide study opportunities which are not available at UWA.

b. The entry requirements for UWA are maintained to at least the minimum level required for local students.  In particular, consideration should be given to the level of language proficiency required for participation where the proposed agreement is with an institution where the language of instruction is not English, and whether there is sufficient language support programs at both institutions to provide support to participants if required.

c. Academic staff consider that a sufficient number of students would be interested in taking advantage of the link and that the proposed agreement offers academic benefits. For University-to-University agreements, academic staff from a variety of disciplines should hold these views.

4. Agreements involving staff exchange should be established only when academic staff are known to be interested in maintaining and fostering the linkage. For University-to-University agreements, it is essential that academic staff from a variety of disciplines are committed to the proposed link.