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Applying for an APEC business travel card

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What is an APEC Business Travel Card?

An APEC Business Travel Card provides frequent business travellers with a short-term entry facility to economies that are participating members of the scheme.

The APEC Business Travel Card is accepted in nearly all of the APEC economies, including:  Australia; Brunei Darussalam; China; Chile; Hong Kong (SAR China); Korea; Indonesia; Japan; Peru; the Russian Federation; the Philippines; Malaysia; Mexico; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; and Vietnam.

Canada and the United States of America are transitional members of the scheme. Transitional members do not offer reciprocal arrangements for entry to their economy. They only provide fast track immigration processing lanes.

Refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for up-to-date information regarding participating economies.

In order to facilitate and streamline applications for an APEC Business Travel Card, the International Centre will act as the intermediary between the application and signing off by the Vice-Chancellor.

Who Can Apply

Applications will only be considered for senior University staff who have a demonstrable role in the internationalisation agenda of the University. 

Such positions could include (but are not limited to):

  • Deans
  • Associate Deans (International)
  • Senior research staff:  Those staff who have developed significant international collaborations such as joint labs or others whose international activities contribute significantly to the University.
  • Others on a case by case basis:  Those staff with a strong demonstrable case which is confirmed and supported by the Dean of their Faculty.

Please note:  Adjunct staff will not normally be supported.

Vice-Chancellor's role

  • The Vice-Chancellor is required to endorse all applications which will be submitted to his office by the International Centre
  • Once approved the Vice-Chancellor will sign a Proforma letter to be attached to the application and returned to the staff member
  • The applicant is then responsible for submitting their final application to Department of Immigration and Border Protection


  • UWA has received Approval of Business Certification under APEC Business Travel Card scheme
  • Certificate number WA000123

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