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The Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) is a select international group of outstanding universities, with each member leading international best practice in research and education based on long academic traditions.

The seven universities in the Matariki Network of Universities are high-quality research-intensive universities that pride themselves on the quality of their undergraduate programs and the student experience.

  1. Research themes
  2. UWA undergraduate internships

Research themes

The initial focus of the network has been on the undergraduate experience. Their representatives have been exploring possibilities for collaborative research focused on seven primary research themes.

Each institution is responsible for a research theme:

The Matariki Network will further enhance the existing research excellence of its members by identifying common research themes for international collaboration, and, by using the added value of collaboration, make a stronger impact globally.

The Matariki Research Network will also share existing research infrastructure and help to facilitate international research collaborations and exchanges, including the development of the next generation of researchers.

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UWA undergraduate internships

The Matariki Undergraduate Research Network Internships provide opportunities for selected students to have a practical research experience, promote a greater awareness of the scholarship of teaching and learning, and provide the university with context-relevant information to inform teaching and learning at each university.

‘Matariki’ is the Maori name for the group of stars called the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. ‘Matariki' is also the word for the Maori New Year, symbolising a new beginning.

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