Dear Institutional Partners and friends of UWA around the world,

We are heartened by the way our global education community has come together to support each other as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. For information and updates on what UWA is doing, please visit UWA’s COVID-19 website.

We wish you all the very best during these unprecedented times. Should you have any specific queries relating to your partnership with us at this time, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of our Global Engagement Office, Mr Callum Cowell at

Global Engagement

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We focus on global engagement by identifying internationalisation opportunities, establishing new strategic partnerships, and maintaining strong relationships with key education, research, public and private organisations worldwide. We support and facilitate student exchange and study abroad opportunities, international education on campus from study tours to joint degrees and pathway programs, research links through international networks and more. Whether you are a future student, collaborative partner, or an international visitor, we look forward to welcoming you to Perth and UWA.

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Summer Down Under: Research Internship

A bespoke eight week intensive research training program for high performing international students considering a UWA postgraduate degree.

Callum Cowell

Director's Blog Series

Callum Cowell, UWA Director of Global Engagement, says our fundamental desire to connect in the pursuit of research and learning will not be quelled by COVID-19.

Latest News

  • How local knowledge contributes to agricultural innovation

    Fri, 26 Jun 2020

    The contribution of local knowledge and intellectual property to agricultural innovation and food security has been examined in a book published this week by researchers from The University of Western Australia.

    Local Knowledge, Intellectual Property and Agricultural Innovationpublished by Springer was compiled by Professor Michael Blakeney from UWA’s Law School and Hackett Professor of Agriculture Kadambot Siddique, Director of The UWA Institute of Agriculture.

  • Inexplicable cosmic event leaves astronomers puzzled

    Wed, 24 Jun 2020

    A mysterious astrophysical object that could potentially break all theoretical understanding of matter under extreme densities has been detected by a large international team of astronomers including researchers at The University of Western Australia.

  • First crop of agriculture students from Japan join UWA

    Fri, 19 Jun 2020

    The University of Western Australia has welcomed a group of agriculture students from Nagoya University in Japan as part of a joint Doctor of Philosophy program in which students simultaneously enrol and complete part of their degree at both UWA and Nagoya University.