UWA takes a proactive approach to supporting the involvement of people with disability or mental conditions in all aspects of University life. The University also recognises the importance of providing appropriate access for visitors to our campus.

We aim to progress our commitment to students and employees with disability or medical conditions by enhancing the accessibility of the online learning environment, improving access to the built environment and implementing an enhanced mental health strategy for the UWA community.

Support services for staff and students

With input from specialist staff, UWA provides an appropriate level of service and support to enable students and employees with disability or medical conditions to pursue their academic and employment goals.

Currently, UniAccess assists in supporting students with disability or medical conditions.

Human Resources assists in the support of staff with disability or medical conditions.

To assist in the planning and provision of services and facilities, students, staff and visitors are encouraged to bring particular requirements to the attention of the University.


A number of policies and legislation inform the provision of services to students with disability.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2020-2025

UWA affirms its strong endorsement and acceptance of students, staff and visitors with disability or a medical condition.

Getting around campus

Contact HR, Student Support Services or Parking and Security for a physical map of the UWA Perth campus.

What to do in a mental health emergency

Check the information and resources available, including the Mental Health Emergency Procedures poster.


Access for Employers supports employers with the employment of people with disability.

Workers with Mental Illness: a Practical Guide for Managers provides information on how to support workers with mental illness. It also details how to develop and promote a safe and healthy work environment for all workers.