The University of Western Australia has a strong Indigenous commitment.

UWA acknowledges that it is situated on Noongar land. Noongar people remain the spiritual and cultural custodians of their land and continue to practice their values, languages, beliefs and customs.

UWA is committed to ongoing development and implementation of strategies to increase the representation of Indigenous people at all levels of the University workforce. The University is aware that employment levels of Indigenous Australians continue to remain low and seeks to address this fact by intervening appropriately.

UWA policies

UWA track record and our current work

The UWA Indigenous Employment Strategy strengthens the University's commitment to Indigenous employment through identifying opportunities for Indigenous people to apply for academic, research and general staff positions within the University; developing and implementing policies which support the recruitment of Indigenous people; and, providing training and career development which is appropriate and relevant to indigenous people.

The University has appointed an Indigenous Employment Officer (IEO) within Human Resources. The officer focuses on obtaining positions across the University.

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Many units at UWA incorporate Indigenous perspectives and knowledge. Contact the School of Indigenous Studies.