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This area is a gateway for students and staff to a range of services and groups which support spiritual life at The University of Western Australia. We ask all students to become familiar with UWA’s commitment towards cultural and religious diversity, and get involved in the myriad multifaith, multicultural and multilingual initiatives on campus.

  1. Spiritual life is about more than religion       
  2. UWA and Chaplaincy Services       
  3. The Role of the University                         
  4. Speak to a Chaplain                       
  5. Find a prayer room or chapel/meditation room                 
  6. Spiritual clubs and support groups within the UWA Student Guild

Spiritual life is about more than religion

Spiritual life includes big-picture philosophical concerns, such as:

  • your everyday values 
  • the vision for life that you are prepared to live for
  • who you trust and how you know
  • your measures of integrity and identity
  • what motivates you and brings you meaning and purpose
  • where joy comes from

Your spiritual life includes finding what it takes to make a difference, to be part of a community, to be the change you want to see, and even to be able to see it in the first place.

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UWA and Chaplaincy Services

The University is committed to supporting students and staff with a diversity of cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds and promotes interfaith conversation and collaboration wherever possible.

Chaplains from a variety of faiths are appointed to counsel UWA students and staff, support intellectual inquiry, and foster an open, honest and trusting exchange of ideas. See the University Policy on Chaplaincy Services for more about how Chaplains are appointed and the variety of roles they hold. As well as the Chaplains, there are many other supportive and spiritually respectful persons and groups around the University.


The Role of the University

There are people of many differing faiths, religions and belief systems who belong to this University. UWA supports efforts which promote understanding and action between faith groups and supports the right to freedom of belief. Good debate is accompanied by good respect.

The University keeps an Interfaith Calendar, so everyone can know the times for the festivals of some of the larger religious bodies. Religious obligations of any belief systems are recognised as potential grounds for an application for deferral of one’s exams.

Public holidays of the University that were once historically Christian customs (such as Easter and Christmas) are now set within general semester breaks, and no preference is given to Christianity as a religion.

UWA is a public educational institution which recognises the diversity of backgrounds of its students and staff. UWA supports and encourages:

  • efforts which promote understanding and cooperative action between many different beliefs and/or religious traditions
  • intellectual engagement with questions of meaning, belief and faith      
  • the right to freedom of belief and religion
  • dialogue aimed at developing shared understanding
  • freedom to believe as one chooses and to change one’s beliefs
In addition, the UWA Religion and Globalisation Initiative (RAGI) is becoming established both in the curriculum and in the university community. RAGI promotes cultural competence and international cooperation in research and action.


Speak to a Chaplain

Chaplaincies on campus include:

Support from the Chaplains includes:

  • providing pastoral care to students and staff, regardless of their religious affiliation
  • helping in making life-direction/vocational decisions
  • helping with the issues of interpretation of sacred texts, such as the Bible
  • fostering a life-long exploration in spirituality, both in experience and intellectually
  • helping with any situations of religious disrespect.
  • contributing to community building, equity, justice and peace making on the UWA campuses and colleges
  • offering services as neutral person(s) in reconciliation of conflict
  • encouraging interfaith relationships as a way of supporting the holistic development of leadership in UWA students and staff, and to combat ignorance, build shared understanding and build peace

The UWA Chaplains also have roles in their church communities and in the wider community off-campus. 


Find a prayer room or chapel/meditation room

UWA has a chapel and a masjid that can be used by individuals and booked by groups.


Spiritual clubs and support groups within the UWA Student Guild

The UWA Student Guild reflects UWA’s commitment to spiritual diversity through its multitude of student clubs catering to different faiths and beliefs. These are listed below; if your interests are not reflected here and you would like to start a new club, please contact the Student Guild.

Club Description Email Facebook
Australasian Union of Jewish Students The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) is the federal body for Jewish student societies at university campuses in Australia and New Zealand. We provide a wide variety of political, social and educational activities based on our four pillars – Judaism, activism, pluralism and Zionism. [email protected] facebook
Ahlulbayt Society of UWA The Ahlulbayt Society of UWA is a faith club established to help the Shia Muslim students of UWA to better connect and integrate with the wider UWA community. Also to help students in UWA become closer to the teachings of the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as passed down from his holy descendants the AhlulBayt. If interested, email us or our Facebook page
Overseas Christian Fellowship (Perth) We are a group of Christian students that strive to reach out to all international students on campus, building them up as Disciples of Christ so they can return to their home countries to serve God. Come and discover God’s love for YOU! [email protected]
Students For Christ UWA (SFCUWA) We are a Pentecostal Christian tertiary student ministry affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches and Youth Alive. Our mission is to reach students & staff of tertiary institutions for Christ and mobilise them for generational impact across the world. [email protected] facebook
University Buddhist Youth Club We welcome everyone from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds. Through organising various activities and events, UBYC is actively involved in both promoting the teachings of the Buddha and the fellowship among youths nowadays. [email protected] facebook
UWA Atheist and Skeptic Society UWA's only club for atheists, agnostics, rationalists, skeptics & free-thinkers. Come to Atheists in the Tav or Atheists in the Caf events for some interesting conversation and laughs. We also screen documentaries on topics of interest to our members. [email protected] facebook
UWA Catholic Society UCS provides an environment for Catholics to connect, have fun, and enrich their faith experience. We have a variety of social, spiritual, musical, and social justice focused events, so there is something for everyone. [email protected] facebook
UWA Christian Union CU is a club of Christian students from lots of different churches, who join together to proclaim Jesus as King, and support each other in living for Him. Whether you’ve been a Christian for years or are investigating Jesus for the first time, we’d love you to join us. [email protected] facebook
UWA Muslim Students Association The UWA MSA plays a multi-functional role for Muslim students and staff on campus. We hold regular Islamic and social events, provide a variety of services, participate in University held events and do our best to cater to all in our vibrant university community! [email protected] facebook