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Configure Outlook 2016 for Mac

Further information

  • Pheme

Check IMAP is enabled

  1. Sign in to your UWA Student Email via the webmail.
  2. Click on the cog icon at the top right corner of the mailbox and choose 'Settings' from the drop down menu.
  3. Click 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP'.
    IMAP is enabled
  4. Select 'Enable IMAP'.
  5. Select 'Save Changes'.
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Enabling Less Secure Apps

Before setting up your email program you will need to enable 'Less Secure Apps' using the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your UWA Student Email via the webmail.
  2. Go to the 'Less secure apps' settings page. Please note that this link will take you to an external website.
  3. Select the 'Turn on' radio button.

While some desktop clients don't follow all modern security standards, the risk is minimal when you are a savvy internet user. Please contact BYOD for further information.

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Configuring Outlook 2016 for Mac

Step one

Open Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Click on the 'Tools' ribbon and select 'Accounts'.
A tab titled 'tools' with the first icon 'Accounts' highlighted

Under 'Add an account', choose 'Other Email'.
An envelope symbol and the text 'Other Email' highlighted

Step two

Enter the following details:

  • Enter your UWA Student email address in the 'Email address' field. Your email address is your student number ''.
  • Enter your Pheme password in the 'Password' field.

 Fields 'email address' and 'password'

Once you have typed in your email address, the rest of the settings will appear.

A settings window

Enter the following details:

  • Ensure the 'Username' is your UWA student email address, not just your student number.
  • Select 'IMAP' from the 'Type' drop down box.
  • Enter '' in the 'Incoming server' field.
  • Ensure 'Use SSL' is checked.
  • Enter '' in the 'Outgoing server' field.
  • Ensure 'Use SSL to connect' to connect is checked.

Click 'Add account'.

You are done!

You are done! You can now close the 'Accounts' window. After a moment your emails will start to download.

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