Continuing students

6. Continuing Students

You are a continuing student if you are continuing studies in your current course of study. You were enrolled in 2019 or had approved leave. If you are a continuing higher degree by research (HDR) student, please see category six for information related to your studies.

Note that questions 6-1 and 6-2 have been removed as they related to Semester 1 2020.
6-3 – I am concerned about my student visa. What happens if I can’t attend classes or need to extend my completion date?

We will work with you to find the best study plan and provide you with a new electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) to fit revised plans if required.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs manages visas and is providing information on this, and staff are aware that the travel restrictions are having a broad impact. You can read further information here:

6-4 – I’m anxious about my studies at UWA due to the impact of coronavirus. Who can I talk to?

We understand this may be a difficult time, and will work with you to ensure that any impact on your studies is minimised (see information above).

If this current situation is causing you some anxiety, please reach out to our Counselling and Psychological Service team. They can provide you with free and confidential emotional support, including via phone or videoconferencing.

6-5 – Who can I talk to if I’m worried about family or friends?

We understand many of our student community have family and friends affected by COVID-19, and we recognise that you will be worried about them. If you feel anxious. Please reach out to our Counselling and Psychological Service team. They can provide you with free and confidential emotional support, including via phone or videoconferencing.

6-6 – Are you needing help to connect with UWA specialist support services?

UWA Student Welfare provides support, advise and helps connect students with specialist support services, both on campus and within the community.

Our team can help talk through accommodation, study support, general life events or help connect you with specialist health and wellbeing services welfare officers. If you are worried or simply need someone to talk to Student Welfare can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone through Student Wellbeing on +61 8 6488 2427.

6-7 – Will studying online affect my student visa or breach student visa conditions?

No, the Australian government has confirmed that student visa holders may study online for Semester 2, 2020.

6-8 – I'm an international student holding a student visa, if I get infected by the coronavirus, will my OSHC insurance provider cover any related medical costs?

If you have any questions relating to your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), make contact with your OSHC provider to clarify your coverage.

For students who are policy holders of Health Care cover with Allianz (AGA), policies typically cover medical services provided in hospital and out of hospital, including PBS prescription medicines and emergency treatment. Limits, exclusions and terms and conditions apply. We recommend students contact Allianz (AGA) to discuss your individual case and read the OSHC policy wording for further details.

  • General enquiries within Australia: 13 67 42
  • Claims: 1800 651 349

Please note that waiting periods may apply for treatment for pre-existing conditions.

For more information visit Allianz Global Assistance.

6-9 – When will be the deadline for applying Approved Leave for Semester 2, 2020?

The deadline to apply for Approved Leave for Semester 2, 2020 is 11 September 2020.

6-10 – How do I apply for Approved Leave from my studies for Semester 2?

We recommend you wait until closer to semester 2 before making a decision about Approved Leave as the coronavirus situation is changing daily. Approved Leave applications are submitted directly through StudentConnect. Any student visa holder who is granted Approved Leave will have their CoE cancelled, which may have implications for their visa. If you have any concerns, please contact the Department of Home Affairs to discuss your situation.

International student visa holders who are located within Australia may apply for approved leave in certain circumstances, which would normally be significant, beyond the student's control and have an impact on the student's course progress and wellbeing. For further information please see the University Policy on Student Enrolment (section 4: Enrolment status).

Further Information on approved leave can be found on the askUWA website:

6-11 – My approved leave is confirmed, how can I apply for a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for the next semester? 

When you are ready to resume your studies after your approved leave period has ceased, you will need to apply for a new CoE extension. You may also like to complete the new CoE form now and return it to Student Administration, and we will issue you with a new CoE within two weeks.

Please see the following links that provide the details on the CoE Course Extension process and what you need to do:

You will also need to confirm your visa status with Department of Home Affairs before you start your studies in Australia. A valid visa is needed to study onshore in Australia.

This information is also emailed to all students when their Leave application is approved.

6-12 – Will the fees be discounted as students are not using on campus facilities and are only studying online which should be at a reduced expense ideally?

There is no plan to discount tuition fees at present. UWA is committed to continuing to provide a high-quality service to all students, and has invested significant resources to successfully move our learning and support services online to ensure your continued success as a student. Units undertaken online still have the same volume of learning, learning outcomes, and are worth the same credit points.