Health advice

1. Health advice

Our highest priority is the safety of our students and staff and the following is provided by advice from:

We have put a range of measures in place to allow learning to continue.

For information on the University Medical Centre and COVID-19, visit their webpage.

1-1 – What do I do if develop symptoms?

If you develop symptoms you should:

  • Not attend a University campus
  • Isolate yourself at your place residence
  • Immediately contact the Health Direct Hotline - 1800 022 222 (24/7), your usual doctor by telephone or University Medical Centre on 6488 2118 and inform them of your travel history or contact with a potential case of COVID-19

For information on COVID clinics and eligibility criteria for testing, visit the WA Department of Health website. Medical centres and hospitals should not be attended in person without phoning ahead.

If you have serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing call 000 for urgent medical help. Advise of your symptoms, travel history and/or recent close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

If an ambulance is not required, you should use a personal mode of transport to minimise exposure to others when transiting to medical assessment. If using public transport, taxis or ride-sharing services you should:

  • wear a face mask
  • avoid direct contact with others
  • practise good hand and cough/sneeze hygiene.

You will be required to self-isolate while awaiting results of laboratory screening and will be contacted by the Public Health authorities with further information.

1-2 – What if I, a staff member or student thinks they have COVID-19?

If a UWA staff member or student is unwell and you reasonably suspect they may have COVID-19, there are some important measures you should take:

  1. Isolate – Isolate the person to a single room, provide a face mask if available and maintain physical distancing
  2. Seek advice– Phone the Coronavirus Information Line on 1800 020 080 (24/7), their treating GP or the UWA Medical Centre (6488 2118)
  3. Transport– Advise the person to travel home or to a medical facility using their personal vehicle if possible
  4. Notify- Safety, Health and Wellbeing via RiskWare

If a UWA staff member or student has been referred for COVID-19 testing and recently been on campus you should:

  1. Advise– Remind the person to self-isolate at home and that you will notify Safety, Health and Wellbeing
  2. Notify- Safety, Health and Wellbeing via RiskWare

What happens next?

  1. Identify and Inform- Health and Wellbeing will identify close contacts and communicate with relevant people impacted
  2. Clean and Disinfect- Campus Management will arrange a deep clean of the affected areas
  3. Manage- If UWA has a confirmed case, Health and Wellbeing will liaise with Department of Health on next steps
1-3 – Does my Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) cover me for COVID-19?

Cover is available to Allianz (AGA) OSHC policyholders for medical services provided in hospital and out of hospital, including PBS prescription medicines and emergency treatment. Limits, exclusions and terms and conditions apply.

Contact AGA to discuss your individual case or read the OSHC policy wording for further details.

General enquiries within Australia: 13 67 42

Claims: 1800 651 349

Please note that waiting periods may apply for treatment for pre-existing conditions.

For more information visit Allianz Global Assistance.

1-4 – Where can I find the latest health advice about coronavirus?

Visit the Department of Health website.

Visit the Australian Government - Department of Health website, which includes information on:

1-5 – What should I do if I need evidence of a negative COVID-19 test for visa purposes?

You should visit your GP to get a referral to a COVID clinic or a private testing lab. Please note this test may incur a fee. You should start this process several weeks in advance to allow time for appointments and test results to be returned. For more information, contact the University Medical Centre.

1-6 – Will I be eligible for the COVID vaccine as an international student in Australia?

Yes. The Australian Government will offer free vaccines to all people living in Australia, including  visa holders, to ensure the maximum possible coverage. For more information, see the Australian Government website.

1-7 – Can I view information on the COVID vaccine in my native language?

Yes. The Australian Department of Health has developed a range of resources about COVID-19 vaccines in up to 63 languages. For more information, see the Department of Health website.