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    Updated: 02 Jul 2020 3:50pm

    Ungraded Passes, Ungraded Fails and Academic Records

    1-01 – When are final results for Semester 1 due to be released to students?

    Results are due to be released to students on studentConnect on 10 July.

    1-02 – Is the Ungraded Pass for S1 2020 available for Honours Students?

    The Ungraded Pass option is available for coursework units within an Honours sequence, but not for the research project itself, that is the dissertation units. As Honours is often a highly competitive pathway to a Higher Degree by Research (HDR), we need to maintain the mark on the research project itself. If you were to take an ungraded pass in any of your coursework units in your honours sequence, this will place more emphasis on the grade you achieve in your dissertation for your final honours mark. In recognition of circumstances, however, we have lifted the normal Two-Semester time-limit on completing the research element of your Honours.  If you think you are going to need to take more than two Semesters to complete your dissertation, please contact your Honour supervisor in the first instance.

    1-03 – How do I apply for a UP grade instead of my final result?

    An Ungraded Pass (UP) grade was available for Semester 1 2020 only.

    Application for an ungraded pass needs to be made once you have received your final result. Before making an application for an ungraded pass, check questions 1.12 and 1.13 to confirm which units are in scope. Applications are to be submitted Close of Business (COB) 14 August. Requests submitted after this date are to be sent to your Student Advising Office and accompanied by a Request for Special Consideration which addresses the extenuating circumstances for lateness of the submission.

    1-04 – How will I know if my request has been received?

    When you complete the online application, you will receive an email receipt for your records confining your request. Please do not submit multiple applications.

    1-05 – When do I need to apply by?

    The deadline to request an ungraded pass for Semester 1 is 22 July.

    For units in trimesters or non-standard teaching periods, please submit your request using the online application form by 22 July or within 2 weeks of receiving your final result (whichever is the latest date for your unit). If the online application form has closed please submit your request via askUWA using the subject line “Change UP grade request - NSTP”

    1-06 – Is there a different deadline if I am graduating?

    No, but your transcript may not be updated with the new result until after the July ‘in absentia’ round so please take this into consideration before ordering any official academic documents.

    1-07 – Can you explain the impact of a UP on my course weighted average mark) and grade point average?

    An ‘ungraded pass’ (UP) does not impact your WAM or GPA in any way. So for example, if your course WAM was on 72% before semester 1 and you take all “UP” grades for your semester 1 units then, your WAM will stay at 72% (the same applies to your GPA).

    1-08 – How can I calculate my WAM/GPA with and without my final results so I can see what’s best for me?

    There are a couple of useful askUWA FAQs online which can assist with calculating your own WAM and GPA.

    • For info on you GPA click here
    • For info on your WAM click here

    1-09 – Can I choose a UP for one unit and take my final grade for others (or vice versa) in the semester?

    Yes, once you receive your final published result, you can choose to take a UP for any of your individual units of your choice. It could be all your units, it could be one or two or it could be none, it’s up to you.

    1-10 – What happens if I fail a unit?

    Students have a couple of important dates to withdraw from semester 1 2020 units:

    • 5 April – if you withdraw by this date you will avoid academic and financial penalty
    • 29 May – if you withdraw by this date, you will receive no academic penalty (but will still be liable for your fees)

    If you fail a unit in semester 1 then you will receive the final mark that you achieved for that unit but it will not count towards your weighted average mark (WAM) or grade point average (GPA).

    After the end of the review period, all fail grades including FS (Fail Supplementary) will be amended to an UF (Ungraded Fail) to ensure there is no impact on the calculation of your WAM and GPA.

    1-11 – Once I have applied, when will I see the changes to my results on studentConnect/academic transcript?

    All changes to records will be made by 31 July 2020.

    1-12 – I’m a postgraduate student, how do I know what will apply for me and my course?

    The option of an ungraded pass applies to all postgraduate coursework units this semester with the following exceptions:

    • It does not apply for students in courses of 24 credit points or less (i.e. Graduate Certificates and 24-Point Graduate Diplomas), as such a method would have potential to skew the overall result for the course too much.
    • It does not apply to dissertation units within Honours or Masters by Coursework (except GENG5512 Engineering Research Project Part 2)
    • It may not apply to postgraduate courses where external accreditation requirements prevent this. Students will be informed by their faculty if this is the case and the list below will be updated as this is confirmed.

    UWA accredited postgraduate courses*


    Can students opt for a UP grade in semester 1?


    Juris Doctor 20820


    No, due to the accredited nature of the degree Juris Doctor students will not be able to request an ungraded pass as a right. However, Juris Doctor students whose studies and exam preparation have been adversely affected by COVID-19 may make an application for an ungraded pass through askUWA to the Arts and Law Student Office via the special consideration process from now until 22nd July. Please use the subject line “JD UP Request – Semester 1 2020” when submitting your application


    Master of Architecture 25520




    Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations 41660




    Master of Landscape Architecture 25550




    Master of Professional Accounting 40610




    Master of Teaching 31520




    Master of Teaching – Secondary 32550




    Master of Translation Studies 12520




    Master of Clinical Audiology 90540




    Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology 73520




    Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology




    Master of Clinical Neuropsychology




    Master of Clinical Psychology




    Master of Urban and Regional Planning 72560




    Master of Professional Engineering 62550 / 61550




    Master of Data Science 62530




    Master of Pharmacy




    Master of Information Technology 62510




    Master of Clinical Pathology




    Doctor of Podiatric Medicine




    Doctor of Medicine




    *To check whether your postgraduate course has a professional accreditation, check the ‘Course Overview’ for your course in the Handbook. If there is no professional accreditation listed then you’re the course is not accredited. If your course does have profession accreditation then please wait to hear from your course coordinator and check this FAQ again soon.

    1-13 – Does this apply to my undergraduate units in non-standard teaching periods?

    Any undergraduate unit that has been running since the beginning of semester 1 will also have these arrangements in place, so please ensure that you indicate any non-standard teaching period units on your application.

    1-14 – What if I intend to request a review of my mark?

    You should proceed with submitting your Stage 1 Review within the required timeline. Once your review has been finalised, if you want to request a UP you can do so by submitting an askUWA enquiry with the subject line “Change UP grade request after review”.

    You must submit your request within 2 weeks of receiving your final review outcome.

    1-15 – I am a Juris Doctor (JD) student, can I apply for an Ungraded Pass for Semester 1?

    The rigour and prestige of the UWA Juris Doctor program is widely recognised both in Australia and internationally. To maintain the high academic standards of the program and to ensure its continued accreditation by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia as a pathway to admission to legal practice, individual students will have to apply for an Ungraded Pass through askUWA to the Arts and Law Student Office via the special consideration process. Students will need to demonstrate in their Special Consideration application that their studies were adversely impacted by the COVID-19 situation.

    By treating each application for an Ungraded Pass on a case by case basis, we can ensure that the academic standing and excellent reputation of the course continues and, that students are not disadvantaged in the clerkship and graduate recruitment process, while at the same time ensuring individual cases of hardship and disruption caused by COVID-19 are accounted for. Students can apply now and the deadline via this process is also 22nd July.

    1-16 – How will UWA note the impact of COVID-19 on my Academic Record?

    We understand that COVID-19 has impacted students in diverse ways and that universities across the world have taken different approaches to managing the impact. Whilst delivery of learning may have changed, academic standards and learning outcomes have not. To help communicate how UWA has responded and to reassure future employers or other institutions we have prepared a Course Note for Acdemic Records:

    During 2020 all students were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, The University of Western Australia transitioned all courses to an online mode and adapted or delayed delivery of laboratory, clinical, practicums and fieldwork activities. Learning outcomes and assessment frameworks for each unit remained in line with published University standards.

    This will be added to all Academic Records for students with enrolments over the first half of 2020. If you do not wish to have this on your Academic Record you can request it be removed via AskUWA. We will retain a record on file and you can choose to have it reinstated at a later date.

    1-17 – I’ve received an Ungraded Pass or Ungraded Fail, how will this be noted on my Academic Record?

    Ungraded Passes appear as a Grade of “UP” with no Mark recorded. Ungraded Fails appear as a Grade of “UF” with no Mark recorded.

    To help communicate the use of a UP and UF due to the impacts of COVID-19, and to confirm that they are not used in the calculation of the GPA or WAM an explanatory Course Note will be added to Academic Transcripts where these results are being used.

    The note will read:

    During 2020 all students were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, students who passed their units could elect to receive and Ungraded Pass (UP). Ungraded Passes do not contribute towards the University’s calculation of the Grade Point Average (GPA) or Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

    Fail (N) grades issued during this period have been converted to Ungraded Fails (UF) and do not contribute towards the University’s calculation of the Grade Point Average (GPA) or Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

    If you do not wish to have this on your Academic Record you can request it be removed via AskUWA. We will retain a record on file and you can choose to have it reinstated at a later date.

    Online exams

    2-01 – What will happen to exams and assessments this Semester?

    We have guaranteed our students that exams and assessments for all units will be delivered online or remotely. Assessment methods will differ by unit but may include online exams, oral exams (viva voce), or continuous assessment. Semester 1 exams will commence on Saturday 6 June.

    Students on Undergraduate, Honours, and Masters by Coursework courses will have the option of taking Ungraded Passes on units that they pass in Semester 1, with the following exceptions:

    • It does not apply to Masters courses where external accreditation requirements prevent this.  Students will be informed by their course coordinator if this is the case.
    • It does not apply to courses of 24 Credits or less (i.e. Graduate Certificates and 24-Point Graduate Diplomas), as such a method would have potential to skew the overall result for the course too much.
    • It does not apply to dissertation units within Honours or Masters by Coursework.  For these dissertation units, however, we have extended the maximum timeframe for completion.

    The following process will apply for courses where the ungraded pass option exists:

    • Students will complete their assessments and exams online or remotely.
    • Students will receive their final grade for each individual unit.
    • Students who have passed the unit can then choose to accept their grade OR accept an ungraded pass.

    An Ungraded Pass will mean that students can opt out of having their marks for the semester (or for individual units) contribute towards their weighted average mark (WAM) and Grade Point Average (GPA).

    Any units failed this Semester will not count towards the calculation of WAM and GPA, but will be recorded on transcripts.

    The ability to withdraw without academic penalty will be extended until 29 May and this will be applied retrospectively to students who have already withdrawn.

    2-02 – What is Examplify?

    Examplify allows you to securely sit examinations on your Mac or Windows desktop or laptop, using a camera and microphone, by blocking access to files, programs, and the internet during your exam. You will complete your assessment in a secure, stable and offline environment.

    You will be asked to download your exam prior to the exam day, be provided with a secure password to access the exam at the scheduled exam time, and upload your answers after the exam.

    Access to the internet is only required to download and upload the exam. You can sit your exam without a continuous WiFi connection.

    Examplify will verify your student ID prior to starting the exam and an automated invigilation system, ExamMonitor, will observe students during the exam using video and audio monitoring.

    Examplify has been used for many years by many schools, Universities and independent testing authorities, and has been proven to be robust in terms of exam security.

    2-03 – What device(s) do I need to use Examplify to take the exam?

    You will need to use a laptop or desktop computer which meets the technical requirements noted below. Mobile devices, tablets, iPads and phones are not supported at the moment.

    Your laptop or computer will also need to have a camera, microphone and speakers connected. Most modern laptops have all these features built in and most webcams will have working microphones.

    Windows minimum specifications
    Windows 10
    Alternate versions of Windows 10, such as Windows RT and Windows 10 S, are NOT supported
    Only genuine U.S.-English versions of Windows operating systems are supported
    Central processing unit (CPU)
    2.0 Ghz Intel i3 Processor or greater/equivalent
    Random access memory (RAM)
    4GB is the minimum required amount of RAM
    Disk space
    Examplify requires a minimum of 1GB of available disk space
    Screen resolution
    Must be at least 1024x768 or higher
    Apple Mac minimum specifications
    MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave) or 10.15 (Catalina)
    Only genuine versions of macOS are supported.
    Server versions of Mac OS X are not supported.
    Intel Processor
    4GB RAM or higher
    Disk space
    1GB or more of available space is required

    If you require access to a device, contact [email protected].

    2-04 – Do I need an internet connection to take the exam?

    An Internet connection is required to download Examplify, to download the exam, to complete the ID verification and to upload the exam. If you lose your Wi-Fi connection during your exam, you will still be able to complete your exam. The exam can be uploaded when you re connect to Wi-Fi.

    2-05 – What is a suitable venue for me to sit the exam in?

    You will need to provide ‘exam conditions’ in the space you choose to sit your exam in. This means conditions very similar to what you would expect in an exam venue.

    • You need to be in a well-lit room, with no other people present (including children) and no interruptions.

    • We suggest that you let your friends and family know that you are sitting your exam and require a private quiet space for the duration. Put a sign on your door asking people to come back later and turn your voicemail on.

    • Unless your exam is ‘open book’, your workspace should be free of papers, books and sticky notes and your walls should be clear of any documents or materials which may be relevant to the exam. Remove anything on your desk that is not related to your exam. Your unit coordinator will set the allowed materials for your exam which will be available before the exam period starts.

    • Your mobile phone, smart watch or other devices are to be turned off or put away.

    • You should attend to any pets, arrange for children to be cared for away from your exam space, have a snack, a drink of water and a toilet break before you start your exam.

    • To ensure your internet connection is not interrupted or slowed, ask other people in your house not to watch Netflix or download large files while you are sitting your exam.

    2-06 – What if I have a disability and require alternative exam arrangements?

    Alternative Examination Arrangements are made for those students who, because of disability or a medical condition, are unable to complete exams under regular conditions. Examples of common Alternative Exam Arrangements include students being given extra time in their exams or the provision of specialist software. The adjustment in the exam conditions must be clearly related to the functional impact of your disability and/or medical condition.

    You can book online to meet with an Accessibility Advisor to discuss your support needs: https://www.uwa.edu.au/students/study-success/uniaccess

    • If you are a returning UWA student - go to Book an Appointment.

    • If you are a new student - fill out a UniAccess registration Commencing Student Form, select a Getting Started appointment via Book an Appointment.

    You can also book an appointment by phone. Contact UniAccess at Student Wellbeing on (+61 8) 6488 2423 or email UniAccess.

    2-07 – What should I do prior to the Exam day?

    Ensure you will have access to a laptop or computer that meets the technical requirements and has a camera, microphone and speakers connected. Most modern laptops have this built in and most webcams will also have a microphone. Mobile devices, tablets, iPads and phones are not supported at the moment.

    Download and install Examplify onto the computer you will be using and take the mock exam to ensure the system is working correctly. This will allow you to become familiar with how the software works. The questions in the mock exam have nothing to do with a unit you are studying and are there solely for you to practice answering.

    Ensure you will have access to a room that meets the exam requirements during the exam period.

    2-08 – Where can I go for IT assistance? Who do I contact if there is a technical issue during my exam?

    We have prepared an Examplify Student Guide [PDF, 1.61MB] to help you get started.

    You can also visit the Examplify (Windows/Mac) Knowledge-base and ExamSoft have technical support available 24/7. Within Australia, call (03) 8594 1209Email and international phone numbers are available.

    You can also contact UWA staff for assistance on +61 8 6488 1212 between 8.00am and 5.00pm on Friday, 30 October and from 2 – 13 November 2020.

    2-09 – What do I do if lose internet connection or the computer crashes during the exam?

    For a mid-exam freeze or crash, rebooting the computer without closing Examplify usually solves the problem. Hold down the power button until the computer restarts. The clock will be paused while the computer is rebooting so you will not lose any exam time. Your responses are saved and backed up automatically every 60 seconds so the most you can lose is 59 seconds of your work.

    Access to the internet is only required to download and upload the exam. You can sit your exam without a continuous WiFi connection. Therefore losing internet connection will not impact you during your exam.

    2-10 – Do I have to sit my exam in Perth or can I sit it online overseas/interstate?

    You can sit your exam interstate or overseas, you do not need to be in Perth. As long the computer you are using is correctly configured and the room you are sitting the exam in meets exam requirements, the geographical location does not matter.

    Be aware that all exams will be timetabled according to Australian Western Standard Time and you will need to sit the exam at the scheduled time. If you are unable to take the exam at the specified time please contact your Student Advising Office for guidance.

    2-11 – How do I know what time I’ll need to sit my exam?

    Your personalised exam timetable will be available on Monday, 4 May 2020 on the UWA app. To view your exams, go into your Dashboard and tap View Your Agenda. Exams can be searched by either tapping on the search icon (magnifying glass) and searching “exams” or scrolling to the month and tapping on the individual exam. You can view the exam title, date, time. You can also set yourself reminders for each exam.

    Alternatively you can check your timetable on studentConnect.

    All exams will be timetabled according to Australian Western Standard Time.

    Timetable information cannot be given over the phone.

    If you are unable to sit an exam at the scheduled time due to religious circumstances, please submit an application for special consideration.

    2-12 – Can I sit my exam on campus?

    We have limited capacity to provide a computer for students who can’t sit their exams elsewhere and are approved to sit their online exams on-campus. We aim to prioritise students in need and who are not able to sit their exam elsewhere. If you’d like to sit your exam on-campus please complete the application form.

    We will confirm by email your registration with details of the venue. The venues are computer labs that will be reserved for online exams or large rooms in which can use your own device. These venues will be set up with appropriate spacing and cleaning to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines. Please note they are shared spaces with other students sitting exams at the same time and will be managed to provide an appropriate exam environment. We are not able to provide private rooms.

    2-13 – Who is creating the content for the exams?

    The exams are written by UWA academic staff who are teaching the unit you are studying. Therefore, the exam will cover the content taught to you throughout the semester.

    2-14 – What do I do on the exam day?

    View prepared one page guides for Blackboard (LMS) [pdf] and Examplify (ExamSoft) [pdf] exams with quick tips to help you get started and submit your exams.

    2-15 – Do I need my student card for ID?

    No, your ID is verified by Examplify using the webcam.

    2-16 – Will all my units with final exams use Examplify?

    Some unit coordinators may provide alternatives to final exams, such as take-home papers or online assessments through the LMS. Your unit coordinator will provide information about your assessments via the LMS.

    2-17 – What’s to stop people from cheating?

    All students sitting online exams are bound by the University Code of Conduct and the University Policy on Academic Conduct.

    Examplify also has measures to ensure the integrity of assessment and verify the identity of the students sitting exams using your webcam, microphone etc. These measures also prevent students from accessing unauthorised materials and/or communicating with others during the exam.

    2-18 – What is the mock exam and do I need to complete it?

    It is compulsory that all students enrolled in units that are using Examplify complete the mock exam. The mock exam is used to capture your image for ID verification during the semester 1 exams.

    The mock exam is taken using Examplify. You will be presented with different types of questions to allow you to become familiar with how to use Examplify in a no-stakes environment. The mock exam is not assessed and the questions will have nothing to do with any of the units you are studying.

    2-19 – Will all online exams be open book?

    No, not necessarily.

    The exams on exemplify can be open book, or have a list of specific allowable items, just like the pen and paper exams we currently run. To view the list of allowable items for your examinations, please see the allowable items list. This list will be updated for each unit before the exam period.

    2-20 – What if I start feeling unwell during my online exam?

    If you become unwell during an online exam you will need to decide whether or not you are well enough to continue. If you are too unwell to continue you will need to:

    • stop working on your paper and click submit your exam
    • consult a medical practitioner as soon as you can and apply for special consideration


    3-1 – Is the data collected by Examsoft secured and encrypted?

    Yes, ExamSoft encrypts data in transit and at rest. All transmission of data between the web browser, web server, and the servers are encrypted and all pages are forced to use a secure connection.

    3-2 – The Examplify application installs with very high privileges. Does it access or capture any of my stored personal information/files?

    No, the privileges are only necessary to set the examination conditions. The application does not navigate through any of the files you have personally stored on your machine.

    3-3 – Do you share any of my data with any third parties?

    Examsoft provides data to third parties only for the purposes of proctoring, and only de-identified exam data is provided.

    3-4 – How do I know when the webcam is being used?

    The webcam is only active during an assessment where ExamMonitor has been enabled. ExamMonitor displays a message that the camera is recording the duration of the exam session and displays a visual notification that the recording is active. Once the exam session concludes, the recording session is also terminated.

    3-5 – How do I know that you are still not capturing my keystrokes or personal data after I close the application?

    ExamSoft does not capture device behaviour outside of the secure testing environment. The camera light will also turn off once the exam has been concluded.

    3-6 – What identifying information on Students beyond ID, name and email address is captured/required (including but not limited to personal information)?

    ExamSoft requires only the limited personally identifiable information necessary to perform an exam. This requires student name, Student ID, and e-mail address. ExamSoft stores encrypted assessment data and processes images (ExamID) and video recordings (ExamMonitor) which are decoupled from your personal information when stored using a unique identifier.

    3-7 – What personal information does ExamSoft collect through Examplify, ExamID, Exam Monitor (e.g. video, audio, question answers, photo)?

    ExamMonitor records your assessment screen with such as question navigation and answering, to ensure the validity of assessment activity and submission.  ExamID takes a snapshot picture to compare to your baseline image (captured during a mock exam), to allow you to move forward with the assessment.  ExamMonitor records you taking the exam to validate integrity througout the assessment.  Additionally, assessment activity such as question navigation and answering is provided to ensure validity of assessment activity and submission.

    3-8 – Does the third party proctoring service operated by ProctorU receive the video/audio and identifying student data, or only the video/audio?

    ExamSoft proctoring partners only have access to the exam takers audio and video and do not have access to personally-identifying information.

    3-9 – Does monitoring the webcam and microphone and recording the screen occur only during an exam, once consent is provided, and cease when the exam concludes?

    The webcam is only active during an assessment with ExamMonitor activated and the Examplify application is in use. ExamMonitor displays a message that the camera is recording the duration of the exam session and displays a visual notification that the recording is active. Once the exam session concludes, the recording session is also terminated.

    3-10 – Can you provide information on where key presses may be logged during an exam, and why?

    The tracking of keystroke information is to record student question responses. It is a backup/failsafe mechanism which allows point-in-time recovery of completed assessment responses in the event that a hardware or software issue affects the examination session.

    3-11 – Can you confirm the modification of system files is only for the purposes of securing the exam, and that all changes are reverted when the exam concludes?

    Yes. Upon completion of the exam, the Examplify application performs an action to revert the device security settings to the device settings prior to the examination session.

    3-12 – Will my information be used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties not involved in the examination or proctorship processes?

    Examsoft will only provide marketing information to persons consenting to receipt through the Examsoft web site. No marketing information will be sent to students using ExamSoft's software.

    3-13 – When Examsoft is uninstalled, will the application be completely removed, i.e. leave no residual capability in the client's computer, and will it revert any system modifications created during its installation?

    Yes, when Examplify is uninstalled, it will remove all assets of the Examplify application and the security tools employed by the application to lock down the device during application use.