The UWA Privacy Office

The University’s Privacy Office, is operated out of the Governance Directorate by the University’s Information Governance team. The Office is modelled on best practice and advice from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

The Privacy Office is responsible for -  

  • University’s information Privacy policy and policy guideline
  • Guidance and advice on privacy obligations and responsibilities
  • Training and awareness for University staff of the management of personal information
  • Facilitating Privacy Impact Assessments with UWA stakeholders and experts, and the wider community
  • managing enquiries, concerns or complaints about the University’s collection and management of personal information
  • managing requests for access to, or correction of personal information, and rights afforded under the GDPR; and
  • investigating suspected data breaches (in collaboration with UWA’s Cyber security team)

The Privacy Office is made up of the following staff

  • Privacy Champion – the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Privacy Officer – Manager, Information Governance
  • Privacy Coordinator – Information Governance Specialist
  • Privacy Advisors – Information Governance Advisors

These staff are supported by expert advice and services from UWA Legal Services, Risk Assurance team and Uni-IT’s Cyber Security Team.