Except where otherwise provided in the regulations relating to any particular prize the following regulations apply—

1. All prizes are awarded annually but if in any year the examiners are of the opinion that no student is worthy of a particular prize, the prize will not be awarded in that year.

2. If a prize consists of the income on a capital sum, the amount available for the prize—

(a) is the interest on the capital sum (including accumulations) less any administrative costs; and

(b) is, in any year in which the prize is not awarded, returned to the capital sum.

3. An individual to whom a prize has been awarded is not eligible for subsequent award of the same prize.

4. Wherever the award of a prize depends on the opinion of examiners, they must take into consideration the recommendation of the head of any school concerned following consultation with relevant academic staff members.

5. The regulations for any prize may be altered by the University from time to time provided that the alterations conform with the wishes of the particular donor or donors.

6. In the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry only those students who pass at the annual examinations in all the units prescribed for their particular year of the course are eligible for any of the prizes, but this regulation does not apply in the case of a failure in an annual examination not comprising a written paper.

7. In the event of two or more students tying for a prize awarded by Convocation, the UWA Graduates Association, each such student receives the full value of the prize.

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