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The University of Western Australia strongly supports the nationwide National Student Safety Survey campaign which highlights the determination of Australia's universities to ensure that our students and staff are safe from sexual assault and sexual harassment.

More information can be found on UWA's Safe community and Support for sexual harassment and assault pages.

UWA values the input of the many and varied parties in the local, national and international communities in which it exists and recognises that on occasion, it will receive complaints.

The University is committed to conducting complaint resolution that is:

  • visible - information about the process is easy to access
  • simple – the process is easy to understand and use
  • timely – complaints are managed efficiently with consideration of urgency
  • objective –complaints are considered and managed without bias
  • fair – procedural fairness is afforded to all
  • confidential – information is kept confidential, as appropriate
  • effective – appropriate complaint outcomes are reached
  • informative – complaint information is used for the continuous improvement of University operations.

For more information on complaint resolution at UWA, select the relevant link below or contact the Integrity and Standards Unit.

Safe communities
UWA supports Universities Australia’s National Student Safety Survey.
Student complaints
The University welcomes students' feedback about their University experience and provides a complaint resolution process designed to address effectively and fairly complaints made by a student about any aspect of that experience.
Staff complaints
If you, as a staff member, have a complaint about another staff member, a student or the University itself, ensure you follow the proper procedures to have your complaint dealt with.
Community complaints
UWA aims to resolve community complaints in a consistent and just manner.
Anonymous complaints
If you would like to raise your concerns anonymously, there may be an appropriate process for you to follow.