The University of Western Australia

Anonymous complaints and disclosures

The University recognises that in some situations a person may wish to make an anonymous complaint. Three processes are available for making an anonymous complaint or disclosure.  Information is available by selecting the relevant link below.

University complaint resolution process
For making an anonymous complaint directly to the University via the Complaint Resolution Unit (CRU).  Complaints may be submitted by phone, fax, email or online form. The University will determine if and how it will address the complaint.
Public Interest Disclosure (PID) whistleblower process
For making a disclosure of public interest information to a University PID Officer under the University Policy on: Public Interest Disclosures and the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (WA). This process provides the utmost protection for disclosers as a breach of confidentiality may considered a serious offence under the Act. Not all matters however are eligible for consideration under this process.
STOPline whistleblower process (external)
For making a complaint or disclosure in relation to any matter concerning the University. The discloser determines the level of confidentiality they require from the outset. This is an independent service contracted by the University for a trial period.  Complaints and dislcosures may be submitted by post, phone, fax, email and online form.

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