The University of Western Australia

Complaints from the community

UWA values the input of the many and varied parties in the local, national and international communities in which it exists.

We recognise that on occasion we will receive feedback, both negative and positive, from staff, students and the community.

The University aims to resolve the concerns of a complainant in a consistent and just manner and utilise the knowledge gained for continuous improvement.

We take complaints seriously. The University will work to ensure that your complaint is managed in a professional manner and to incorporate knowledge of your experiences into planning to improve operations.

Complaint resolution at UWA
An overview of the University’s commitment and approach to complaints, the principles of complaint resolution and the steps in the process.
University Policy on Public Complaints
The principles that govern the management of complaints made to the University about the University or its complaints handling process by members of the public.
Submit a complaint
The University hopes that most issues that arise will be able to be resolved at the local level and without the need to make a complaint, but the Integrity and Standards Unit (ISU) provides a central contact point to receive and appropriately refer complaints.