The University of Western Australia

Student complaints

The University of Western Australia aims to provide students with a supportive, secure and academically challenging environment.

The University continually seeks to enhance the student experience and has an ongoing commitment to equity, access and diversity.

Consistent with its aim to provide a high-quality service to every student within the principles of the University's Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

A number of processes for reporting and resolving student concerns and complaints exist at the University. Students are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with these processes from the outset of their engagement with the University.

The Complaint Resolution Unit is available to provide advice to students and will refer matters it receives to the relevant process for resolution.

Student complaint policy and procedure
The University Policy on: Student Complaint Resolution and its related procedures apply to the majority of student complaint matters. A link to the policy, procedural information and forms is available on this page.
Related policies and procedures
Various policies and procedures apply for the reporting and/or resolution of specific matters affecting students.
Submit a complaint
Before submitting a complaint, students are encouraged to talk to the person or people concerned. Advice and support is available from those listed opposite. The Complaint Resolution Unit (CRU) provides a central contact point to receive and appropriately refer complaints.