The University of Western Australia

Student complaint policy and procedure

The University Policy on: Student Complaint Resolution applies where a student makes a complaint about any matter in relation to their student experience, unless another process for resolution is prescribed in a specific statute, regulation, rule or policy pertaining to the matter in question.

  1. Procedural requirements
  2. Required forms
  3. Guide to Stage 1 Responsible Officers

Procedural requirements

The policy's appendices which set out the procedural requirements for a student complaint process are available for download below.

Appendix A [RTF, 163.1 KB]
Updated 11 Jan 2016

Appendix-A.pdf [PDF, 16.0 KB]
Updated 4 May 2016

Appendix B [RTF, 143.8 KB]
Updated 11 Jan 2016

Appendix-B.pdf [PDF, 12.8 KB]
Updated 4 May 2016

Required forms

Stage 1 - Informal resolution

No forms are required for this stage. A complaint may be made and responded to in-person, via telephone or in writing via e-mail or Stage 1 Responsible Officers section below.

A complaint that requires additional confidentiality must not be discussed on AskUWA, e.g. a complaint about another person's conduct.

Stage 2 - Formal resolution

A complaint must be submitted to the Complaint Resolution Unit (CRU) using the Complaint Submission Form (online and hardcopy available). Staff should assist complainants when it is needed, e.g. if the complainant is distressed at the time of making the complaint. The CRU will refer eligible complaints to the Stage 2 Responsible Officer.

The Responsible Officer must complete and submit the Complaint Outcome Form to the CRU at the end of the complaint process, which is available via secure log-in at the Staff resources page.


An appeal of a Stage 2 complaint outcome must be submitted to the Complaint Resolution Unit on the Appeal Submission Form below.

Stage 1 Responsible Officers

The student complaint policy requires that a complaint be made to the respondent directly where possible and appropriate and/or to a Stage 1 "Responsible Officer" in the first instance, unless:

  • the complaint raises a serious matter; or
  • there are valid reasons for not attempting Stage 1.

A "Responsible Officer" is a role undertaken by an officer of the University, either by virtue of their position or by appointment by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Registrar or their delegate, that involves considering and responding to a complaint.

Complaint matters and a guide to Stage 1 Responsible Officers are provided in the table below. Advice is also available from the Complaint Resolution Unit.

Complaint is in relation to Possible Stage 1 Responsible Officer(s)
Corporate governance
General administration and service
  • Staff responding to AskUWA enquiries
  • Faculty Student Advisers
  • School or Faculty Office staff
  • Library staff
Physical environment (facilities/grounds/venues)
  • Staff responding to AskUWA enquiries
  • Campus Management
Student administration (not including academic decisions)
  • Staff responding to AskUWA enquiries
  • Faculty Student Advisers
  • School or Faculty Office staff
  • Student Central staff
Education provision (teaching/supervision)
  • Unit Coordinator
  • Head of School (if complaint is about the Unit Coordinator)
Student conduct
  • Unit Coordinator
  • Head of School
  • Academic Conduct Adviser (academic conduct only)
  • Equity and Diversity Adviser
Staff conduct The staff member's (respondent's) immediate supervisor, e.g.:
  • Unit Coordinator (if complaint is about teaching staff)
  • Head of School (if complaint is about Unit Coordinator)
  • School, Faculty or Unit Manager (if complaint is about a general staff member)
Community member conduct
  • Manager of School, Faculty or administration unit responsible for engaging the community member