The University of Western Australia

Related policies and procedures

This page provides information policies and procedures that may apply for the reporting and/or resolution of specific matters of student concern.

  1. Review and appeal matters
  2. Matters with specific reporting procedures
  3. Other matters

Review and appeal matters

Student concerns in relation to the following matters are not eligible for resolution under the University Policy on: Student Complaint Resolution. Refer to the policy or procedure listed below.

Academic decisions
University Policy on: Review and appeal of academic decisions relating to students"
Specific decisions of the Graduate Research School
Appeal procedure for research higher degree by thesis, e.g.thesis classification, progress status
Parking infringements
UniPark appeal procedure

Matters with specific reporting procedures

While complaints about the following matters may be accepted for resolution under the University Policy on: Student Complaint Resolution, they have specific reporting procedures. These procedures should be followed prior to submitting a complaint for formal resolution to the University.

Health and safety incidents, near misses and hazards
UWA Safety, Health and Wellbeing notification procedure
Theft or lost property
UWA Security - Lost property report procedure
Security incident
UWA Security - Incident report procedure

The University recognises that in some situations a person may wish to make an anonymous complaint or dislosure in order to protect their identity. Three processes exist - refer to the Anonymous complaints page for more information.

Other matters

The following matters have specific policies and/or procedures which support the University Policy on: Student Complaint Resolution. In the event of any inconsistency between the complaint policy and the policy/or procedure below, the specific policy/procedure applies.

Fraud and corruption
University Policy on: Fraud and corruption
Research misconduct
University Policy on: Managing Alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct for research and allegations of research misconduct
University Policy on: Prevention and resolution of bullying on campus
Racial harassment
University Policy on: Racial harassment
Sexual harassment
University Policy on: Sexual harassment