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Every day, the world faces new challenges: our future prosperity depends upon our ingenuity and commitment to improve the way that we live, by applying the knowledge we’ve gained.

More than 100 years ago, The University of Western Australia was founded as the British Empire’s first free university, aiming to advance the welfare of its community.

UWA has risen to changing social and economic challenges, while achieving international standards, educating world-class graduates, producing ground-breaking research and engaging with our community.

Delivering practical benefits to the community has always been at our core. We do this through the creation and sharing of knowledge, to foster a deeper understanding of our subject, ourselves and the world around us.

That’s because we believe that understanding is the key to a better future. Through understanding comes progress and through progress we can help create a better future for all.

Education goes beyond the classroom.

Our students learn within an inspiring, research-intensive environment, alongside researchers who focus on issues of relevance to our communities and generate solutions of global value.

UWA is already ranked in the top one per cent of the world’s universities, but our goal is to be recognised as one of the world’s top 50, for education as well as research.

The University will remain strongly engaged with our communities, and committed to contributing to intellectual, cultural and social life. We do not live in an ivory tower.

Although our place in the world may be changing, our core purpose remains the same: to advance the future prosperity of the individuals and communities we serve.

By inspiring progress for all, UWA can contribute to the world’s economic prosperity and social equity for another 100 years and beyond.