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St George’s College opened in 1931 and was the first permanent residential college built on the Crawley site.

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  2. Architectural style
  3. Students
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In 1926 the enactment of the University Colleges Act stipulated that Senate would provide land of up to five acres to applicants who desired to establish residential colleges at the University.

St George’s College was the first to be built under the provisions of this Act. It was made possible by a bequest from the Hackett Estate to the Church of England for the specific purpose of establishing a Church College in connection with the University.

The Council of St George’s College was established by the Church to administer this project.


Architectural style

Following the Tudor style of architecture used by institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford, the college stands in contrast to the Mediterranean feel of the Hackett Memorial Buildings and the Neo-Georgian style of the Park Avenue Building.

Hobbs, Smith and Forbes were commissioned to design the College. Further additions to the original buildings resulted in new south and north wings. These were completed in 1962 and 1968 by Hobbs Winning Leighton.(1)

The original buildings and gardens of St George's College are heritage listed by both the National Trust and the Australian Heritage Commission. St George’s College Chapel is also listed but only by the Australian Heritage Commission.(2)



St George’s College initially provided accommodation for male students only, but accepted students from all church denominations. Residential female students were first accepted into the college in 1981.



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