The Brand, Marketing and Recruitment (BMR) division provides organisation-wide brand strategy and ongoing brand management, strategic marketing and planning, marketing communications activities, digital marketing, research and segmentation.

    BMR provides sales and marketing planning and campaign assistance to help attract and recruit students.

    Marketing and recruitment activities planned and implemented by the BMR team are designed to help achieve the University's strategic goals of brand and reputation building and attracting domestic and international students to study at UWA.

    The Brand and Marketing team within BMR provides strategic brand direction and ongoing brand management for the University. Marketing works across all global markets to help build the brand position and to attract business partners and students to UWA. The Brand and Marketing team consults with and across all areas of the University to implement marketing plans.

    Access to the University logo and brand guidelines

    The UWA Brand Toolkit, accessible to staff, provides tips on how the University is visually represented across all platforms, both internally and externally, such as print and online communications, advertising, stationery and memorabilia.

    Institutional partners, members of the media and other groups who seek access to the University logo can contact Brand and Marketing.



    The Brand and Marketing team provides assistance with media booking and advertisement production, cost-effective media planning and buying and photo shoots.

    Visual identity

    How the University is visually represented across all platforms such as print and online communications, advertising, events, stationery, uniforms, memorabilia, signage and PowerPoint presentations.


    Brand and Marketing is responsible for the development, implementation and management of several overarching marketing strategies and plans.

    Social media

    Staff considering using Facebook, blogs or other social media for University communications should familiarise themselves with social media and media policies.


    We've outlined house rules for use on our social platforms:

    • Follow the Terms of Service. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
    • Have fun. We encourage you to have fun and engage. This is your community.
    • Respect. Have respect for others. We’re all different and that’s okay.
    • Play smart. Anything posted here is visible to your friends, family, colleagues or future employers.
    • Be safe. Be mindful of your privacy.
    • Take care. Obey the law.

    We'll remove comments or posts that are not compliant with our house rules or are off-topic, spam or duplicate posts.


    Digital and Creative Services (DCS) is responsible for the consistent application of the visual identity to all official University webpages.

    For most content this is handled automatically by the web publishing facilities and content management systems offered by DCS.

    Official websites and applications outside central web publishing facilities are required to use the University's visual identity in a consistent manner. If you are implementing a new web application or want to migrate an existing application to the visual identity, contact DCS so you can be provided with access to mark-up, scripts, style sheets and images hosted on central servers.

    The Digital and Creative Services design team:

    We work closely with developers to ensure the usability and accessibility of our websites are up to date with current online standards.


    Further information

    Marketing services for staff

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