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Updated 13 Sep 2019

Stories from 2019

Leviathan theatrical performance

Arts and Culture in 2020

The richness of Western Australian stories shines through in Perth Festival’s upcoming 2020 program, presented as a glorious summer celebration of people and place.

Ezone external building rendering


In 2020, UWA will offer an unparalleled student experience and become the new go-to destination for industry, government and research partners.

Dr Doug McGhie

Convocation - looking towards 2030

Setting our sights on the decade to come is an exciting time involving all associated with The University of Western Australia’s Strategic Vision 2030.

students studying

Transforming Spaces Connecting Places

UWA’s Perth campus has a long and proud history as a ‘university without gates’. A welcoming campus with heritage-listed gardens and buildings, it’s a major drawcard for students, researchers and visitors alike.

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1000 minds to tackle Grand Challenges

UWA is approaching the future focused on the key issues facing humanity. The University is applying its very best minds, through research excellence, local and global collaboration and the power of collective intelligence, to solve the world’s Grand Challenges – improving lives and the environment.

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Reimagining the workplace

To fulfil its People and Culture vision, UWA will tap into the hearts and minds of people who want to build careers while embracing diversity and driving positive, real-world change.

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Leading beyond borders

The University’s ambitious plans to expand and strengthen global partnerships have been unveiled in UWA 2030, as it aspires to become a pivotal knowledge hub for the Indian Ocean Rim region.

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Modelling the future of education

In 2012, UWA took up an innovative course model in response to the changing times ahead and to better prepare its graduates for the future of work and long-term employability.