Jadanne Dare

Surprisingly, for someone with “intense and constant curiosity” for anything to do with technology, it was a person and not an amazing, whizz-bang gizmo responsible for igniting Jadanne (Heuchan) Dare’s passion for high tech.

“My thesis mentor in my final honours year was Dr Jamie Murphy who had a profound impact on me,” says the first class marketing honours graduate.

“He had a gift for taking incredibly complex technological issues and making them seem simple and he inspired a curiosity in me for fast-paced change that stays with me today.”

It’s a skill proving vital both in her role at the US-headquartered multinational computer software company Adobe and also at home where she and production designer husband Nick Dare are parents to twin seven-year-old boys. “It’s never boring; no two days are the same in either place,” she laughs.

In the office Jadanne says working at a 'super-fast pace' suits her to the ground.

“I’m working with the best marketing software and every day I’m given the chance to engage with senior marketing leaders on how to use technology to create a more meaningful engagement with consumers.

My university thesis measured the response to customer enquiries over email and web in days and weeks; something hard to imagine in today’s world where, if you’re not moving at the speed of light, you’ll be eaten alive by the competition.

We asked Jadanne how a company laser-focused on changing the world through digital experiences will help marketers engage with their customers.

"Customers now expect an interaction with a brand to be instantaneous, personal and delightful –delivered at the right place, the right time and on the right device.

"To predict and deliver a fantastic outcome to a consumer, engagement requires the marriage of data and content at great speed across organisations. 

"Artificial intelligence helps marketers and brands understand the patterns and behaviours of customers through the use of data and complex algorithms. It helps with personalising and targeting content to stay one step ahead of the customer and drives triggers in a way that makes content come to life.

"So, if a customer walks into a store, the brand knows them in the same way it would if they flicked through a website or browsed a tablet or mobile phone –they can anticipate and predict what style of shoe they are after, for example,or the sort of holiday that will appeal to their lifestyle.

"Using this sort of artificial intelligence, partnered with data, frees up resources within an organisation, leaving more scope for innovation and creativity."

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