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  Area Person UWA from Status
Opus Sectile Medallion for Architecture, from UWA Archives 61791P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
Architecture, Landscape and Visual ArtsPeter Grigg (online audio) 1970sCompleted
Martin Grounds & Jack Kent (online audio) 1960sCompleted
Kerry Hill (online audio) 1960sCompleted
John White (online audio) 1960sCompleted
Opus Sectile Medallion for Art, from UWA Archives 61782P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
ArtsBob (Robert) Tonkinson (online audio) – Anthropology1950sCompleted
John Melville-Jones (online audio) – Classics1950sCompleted
Personally supportedLeonard Burrows (online audio) – English Literature1940sCompleted
Beverley Noakes (Evans Ormerod) (online audio) – French1970sCompleted
Iain Brash (online audio) – History1960sCompleted
Annette Goerke (online audio) – Music1960sCompleted
Joan Pope (online audio) – Music1950sCompleted
Margaret Seares (online audio) – Music1960sCompleted
David Tunley (online audio) – Music1950sCompleted
Stewart Candlish (online audio) – Philosophy1960sCompleted
Bob Hetherington (online audio) – Political science1970sCompleted
Opus Sectile Medallion for History, from UWA Archives 61793P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
BusinessAnn Tarca (online audio) – Accounting1970sCompleted
Reg (Reginald) Appleyard (online audio) – Economics1950sCompleted
Paul McLeod (online audio) – Economics1970sCompleted
David Henry John Plowman (online audio) – Management1970sCompleted
Geoff (Geoffrey) Soutar (online audio) – Management1960sCompleted
Paul Lloyd (online audio) 1980sCompleted
Opus Sectile Medallion for Philosophy, from UWA Archives 61781P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
EducationDavid Andrich (online audio) 1950sCompleted
Keith Punch (online audio) 1950sCompleted
Opus Sectile Medallion for Engineering, from UWA Archives 61792P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
Engineering, Computing and MathematicsDennis William Gifford Moore (online audio) – Computing1960sCompleted
T Alex (Thomas Alex) Reid (online audio) – Computing1960sCompleted
Armenag Nassibian (online audio) – Electrical1960sCompleted
Peter Norgard (online audio) – Electrical1950sCompleted
Joyce Billings (online audio) – Mathematics1960sCompleted
Philip Silberstein (online audio) – Mathematics1960sCompleted
Personally supportedHarold (William Harold) Clough (online audio) – Mechanical1940sCompleted
John Wager (online audio) – Mechanical1940sCompleted
Peter Bruechle (online audio) – Structural1960sCompleted
Hackett Hall Guild Building eastern façade circa 1929, UWA Archives 3336P.
Guild of UndergraduatesSue Boyd (online audio) 1960sCompleted
Arnold Lee (online audio) 1990sCompleted
Opus Sectile Medallion for Law, from UWA Archives 61789P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
LawFred (Frederick Michael) Chaney (online audio) 1950sCompleted
Peter Handford (online audio) 1970sCompleted
Richard Harding (online audio) 1960sCompleted
Antoinette Kennedy (online audio) 1960sCompleted
John Toohey (online audio) 1940sCompleted
Daryl Robert Williams (online audio) 1960sCompleted
Opus Sectile Medallion for Medicine, from UWA Archives 61787P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
Medicine, Dentistry and Health SciencesAlistair Devlin (online audio) – Dentistry1970sCompleted
Geoffrey Randolph Shellam (online audio) – Medicine1970sCompleted
Ian Constable (online audio) – Ophthalmology1970sCompleted
John Papadimitriou (online audio) – Pathology1960sCompleted
Robin Warren (online audio) – Pathology1960sCompleted
Lawrie (Lawrence) Beilin (online audio) 1970sCompleted
Bernard Newman Catchpole (online audio) 1950sCompleted
Alexander Cohen (online audio) 1970sCompleted
Allen (Gordon Allen) German (online audio) 1970sCompleted
Michael Hobbs (online audio) 1960sCompleted
Max Kamien (online audio) 1950sCompleted
Lou (Louis) Landau (online audio) 1980sCompleted
Barry James Marshall (online audio) 1960sCompleted
Con (Constantine) Michael (online audio) 1950sCompleted
John Newnham (online audio) 1970sCompleted
Fiona Stanley (online audio) 1960sCompleted
Opus Sectile Medallion for Biology, from UWA Archives 61794P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
ScienceDavid Lindsay (online audio) – Agriculture1960sCompleted
Walter Stern (online audio) – Agriculture1960sCompleted
Len (Leonard) Freedman (online audio) – Anatomy1970sCompleted
Andy (Andrew Reginald Howard) Cole (online audio) – Chemistry1940sCompleted
Arthur Conacher (online audio) – Geography1960sCompleted
Basil Eric Balme (online audio) – Geology1940sCompleted
Lyn (Lynda Dent) Beazley (online audio) – Neuroscience1970sCompleted
Lance Maschmedt (online audio) – Physics1960sCompleted
Carmen Lawrence (online audio) – Psychology1960sCompleted
John Ross (online audio) – Psychology1960sCompleted
John Bloomfield (online audio) – Sport science1960sCompleted
Jan Lord (online audio) – Zoology1960sCompleted
Barbara Main (online audio) – Zoology1940sCompleted
Opus Sectile Medallion for Literature, from UWA Archives 61779P courtesy of Matt Galligan.
OtherRita Anne Clarke (online audio) – 6UVS FM1960sCompleted
Rie Heymans (online audio) – Art Gallery1970sCompleted
Miriam Stannage (online audio) – Art Gallery1960sCompleted
Ken Michael (online audio) – Chancellor1950sCompleted
Ian Robinson (online audio) – Chaplaincy1970sCompleted
Annie (Elizabeth Anne) Fogarty (Walter) (online audio) – Fogarty Foundation1970sCompleted
Cam (Colin Stewart) Campbell-Fraser (online audio) – Public Affairs1970sCompleted
Ros (Rosalind) Lindsay (online audio) – Save the Children Book Sale1960sCompleted
Chris Marsh (online audio) – Sport and Recreation Association1970sCompleted
Bruce Meakins (online audio) – Sport and Recreation Association1970sCompleted
Dave (David) Robinson (online audio) – St Columba College1970sCompleted
John (Robert John) Inverarity (online audio) – St George's College1960sCompleted
Harvey (Paul Harvey) Von Bergheim (online audio) – Student Administration1960sCompleted
Alan David Robson (online audio) – Vice-Chancellor1960sCompleted
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