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The UWA Historical Society has identified a wide variety of projects in which it wishes to become engaged. If you are interested in assisting with any of the following projects, please email Fran Pesich or telephone (+61) 0417 178 275.

Projects in Progress

Centenary of Armistice

The University Historical Society in conjunction with the University and interested groups is planning a commemoration of the Centenary of Armistice on Sunday 11 November 2018, as part of the University’s focus to honour those from UWA as Staff Members, students and graduates, who served their country in World War 1, some never to return. Armistice Day in 1918 marked the cessation of hostilities in World War 1.

An initiative of the UWA Historical Society, the creation of an enduring memorial on the UWA Campus will comprise an outdoor Pavement Memorial in Whitfeld Court. Currently there is no War Memorial on the UWA Campus.

Members and friends are encouraged to support this project financially. Gifts can be forwarded to this Historical Society by cheque or cash. Funding for the Memorial will be sourced through a possible grant from Veterans’ Affairs, University organisations and the generosity of members.

The overall cost of the Memorial installed is expected to be about $11000.00.

UWA Historical Society projects are currently under review.

Projects Completed

  • 75 new Oral Histories and Oral History Portal Launch (2014).
  • Personalities & Places Publication and Book Launch (2014) : Joan Pope OAM, Wendy Birman, Ron Bodycoat AM.
  • People at UWA in 1913 (2013) : Joan Pope OAM.
  • Newsletter and web site established for society (2009) : Shobha Cameron, James Devenish.
  • Anniversary production to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Octagon theatre (October 2009) : Joan Pope, Kevin Hamersley, Ted Snell, Martin Forsey et al.
  • Creation of TheatrePush (Friends of UWA Theatre) 2009 : Joan Pope, Kevin Hamersley, Ted Snell, Martin Forsey et al.
  • History of Chemistry as a discipline on campus : Frank Lincoln, Professor Andy Cole and Shobha Cameron (2008) in conjunction with Facilities Management and the disciplines of Microbiology, Physiology and Biochemistry.

Projects Under Consideration

  • Replacement of existing photographic display in Old Senate Room (Irwin Street building) with framed photographs of founding professors, senators and the university Executive (in association with Convocation : Ian Passmore).
  • Installation of photographs of Honorary Doctorates of the university (who are also graduates) on the east wall of the Undercroft together with Centenary storyboard and Honour boards of Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Wardens of Convocation and Guild Presidents for the past 100 years (in association with Convocation : Ian Passmore).
  • History of UWA theatre (UWATCH committee : co-authors Joan Pope and Bill Dunstone).
  • Scanning of 60,000 photographic images into the UWA Trim record system : Michael Manley.
  • Investigation of archival software to enable collection and cataloguing of artefacts and memorabilia : Maria Carvalho, UWA Archives.
  • Anniversary production to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Old Dolphin theatre (2010) : TheatrePush (Friends of the Theatre) Joan Pope et al.
  • Interpretation within the Guild Village of the original location of the Old Dolphin theatre : Ron Bodycoat, Joan Pope.
  • Research into the history of the four groups of transportable buildings on the university campus viz. a) temporary buildings erected for the use of the Engineering faculty, b) buildings transferred from Irwin Street in the city in 1933, c) University Hall (previously referred to as Currie Hall) hostel buildings which served as officer accommodation during World War II and d) World War II temporary buildings in the vicinity of the Institute of Agriculture.
  • Heritage interpretation of the Crawley Park (Shenton House) dairy/creamery (circa 1846) which was demolished to make way for the Guild Village : Ron Bodycoat, Joan Pope.
  • Creation of website of images and biographies of distinguished UWA personalities (selected) : Shobha Cameron, Wendy Birman.
  • Creation of database of images and biographies of distinguished UWA personalities (comprehensive).
  • Oral histories of significant UWA personalities : Joan Robins.
  • Cataloguing of memorabilia by volunteers for the School of Physics, the Engineering faculty, the Guild of Undergraduates, Sports Association and University Theatres : volunteers required.
  • Relocation of the original UWA Claremont cricket changeroom (which also functioned as an historic classroom) from the east to the west side of the oval and conversion to a Visitors' Centre with landscaped environs.
  • Interpretive ipod tours of the Crawley campus in several languages using blue tooth technology in association with the UWA cultural precinct.
  • Creation of umbrella website linking all sites containing information on UWA history.
  • Creation of database for images and biographies of Claremont Teachers' College alumni.